Do any of you follow Peter burns on Twitter

If you do ask him why he miss quoted Jonathan Nance yesterday on the XM radio show he made it sound like Nance said that he did not want to be a part of a circus and wasn’t going to play for a clown. I tried to get through to the show today but you really can’t but I did contact their chat room and tell them what was going on they said they would take care of it but if any of you have him on Twitter ask him why he tried to publicly embarrass us on National radio

I just tweeted Barrett sallee and asked him…should I ask Peter Burns? Thought someone said it was Barrett Sallee.

Just tweeted Peter Burns also…I’ll let you know if I get an answer.

People do say (or tweet) stupid stuff they wish they could take back. On Twitter you can delete it, but someone is likely to have seen it before you do. Not saying he did or he didn’t, but that is at least possible in Nance’s case and if so, perhaps Sallee or Burns saw it, or someone pointed it out to them. But if that’s the case normally someone gets a screenshot, and if that happened we haven’t seen it yet.

Yes, I agree. That’s what I am curious about.

In my case, with my 25 followers, it’s quite likely that I could delete a Tweet and no one would have noticed. Nance has 3,216 followers.

I could be wrong but I beleive it was Barret Salle on the show perhaps you could ask him him about it ask waht he’s heard about Nance transferring and see if he says the same thing.if so we will know it was him but I think Burns was talking and acting like he reading a tweet

yeah let me know if you hear from either one of them.

Didn’t hear a word from either of them. I kind of thought they may use it to call the Hogs out again and embarrass them (because that’s how they are) but not a peep.

Barrett Sallee is an Ole Miss apologist and not a fan of Arkansas.

Yeah I’m pretty sure the little twerp wouldn’t own up to it but I definitely heard it with my own ears thanks for checking into it

Nance had the clown thing right, just the wrong school…

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What’s a twitter?