DMac signs 1 year deal with Cowboys … 63281804=1

I hope DMac has a great year. What a great player he was for the Hogs…in my view the most exciting and best player ever to play for the Razorbacks. He got ripped off by the Heisman Trophy voters and then got nailed again by getting drafted by the Raiders, but he never complained.

I would love to see him run behind that great Cowboy line. The year he gained almost 1100 yards for the Cowboys…he only started about 8 or 9 games. He could have gone for close to 2000 that year had he played a full season.

If I were coaching the Cowboys, I would let him play some receiver. He has such great hands and is still very fast. Don’t waste him sitting on the bench behind Elliott. Use him…he is a playmaker.

It is highly likely Elliot will get some nagging injuries that allow Dmac to shine.