DMAC only #20 of all Time?

“New Arena” has listed the top 30 College RBs of all time. (Transparency: I have no prior knowledge of New Arena.)

My point is that I have to say that DMAC was the greatest SEC running back on a non-great team that I’ve seen. His soph and junior years were stellar against very good competition. Goodness, if Matt Jones was on those teams, the Hogs would have been unstoppable.

Think of all the Heisman winners at RB. Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson, Tony Dorsett, O.J. Yes, we think DMac should have won the Heisman but he didn’t. Being top 20 is pretty high praise. I’d have to look at the specific list to comment further.

Having done so, it’s a pretty good list. I think people like Doak Walker, Red Grange and Jim Thorpe deserve inclusion on a list like this. I wouldn’t have put Herschel #1 but I can see how you could. I mentioned my #1 above but won’t say who it is.