DMac is a Hall of Famer

CFB HOF class announced today. You knew this was coming but 11 years out is pretty darn quick.
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Well deserved DMac, to one of the all time Hog greats, maybe “the” all time great.

I didn’t see Lance Alworth or Clyde Scott, but he’s certainly the greatest Hog I can remember, and that goes all the way back to 1965.

DMac is so deserving of this honor. He was a 2 time Doak Walker award winner and should have been a Heisman winner. I saw Lance Alworth play. He was a stud, but Darren McFadden was the greatest I have ever seen wear a Razorback uniform. He is in a class by himself, in my view. He was so dominant a player. Every time he touched the ball…you thought he might go. McFadden could run like the wind, he had great hands and could catch the ball. He also could pass the ball.

He elevated our team to another level.

Please watch the youtube video of our last game against LSU when we beat the #1 Tigers in Baton Rouge. His talent is just amazing.

I can only imagine how great he would have been had he been drafted by an NFL team with a great offensive coach. The guy was a great runner and could have been a great pass catcher. He probably could have been an all-pro safety. Mean, fast and quick as a cat. He loved contact.

Richly deserved!!

Lance was from my time and some may not know we only got him because the Ole Miss coach would not sign a married player. Of course he was a RB with the hogs and switched to WR for the NFL.

Very well deserved! I go back and look at a lot of his films and the speed he ran with is so much faster than anybody we have it’s not even close.that explosion through the line of scrimmage was something to behold I miss those days!

Tebow was the ESPN darling…Dmac should have won the Heisman. He has a classic tatto (501 on his right biceps and BOY) on the left one. When he flexed after a TD it showed 501 Boy…only central Arkansas folks will get it.

A great, great player. Well deserved.

This is one event about which (a) we can pretty much all agree; and (b) was never really in doubt.

My one regret is that he wasn’t drafted by a better organization. I’m convinced that most of his health problems in the pros was due to sorry/non-existent blocking and poor overall offensive coaching/play-calling. If only he could have been drafted to Dallas and the ready-made Offensive line that Zeke Elliott has enjoyed since he set foot in Dallas. I’ll concede that Elliott is a talent; but I’d like to have seen how he would have fared in those cesspool teams McFadden was forced to play on while he was in Oakland.

Just saying I wish DMac had had a decent chance at showing his brilliance in the NFL. By the time he got to Dallas, the OL had injuries and chemistry issues all season, and both Romo and Dez were out for most of the season (especially after DMac started with Murray’s injury). Plus, DMac was no longer 21 years old himself. Still did pretty good the one year before Zeke came in, specially given all of those folks out. Wonder how that next year would have gone if Darren hadn’t cracked his elbow in the off-season? Probably would have split time with EE and gone out the right way.

Guy couldn’t buy a break once he left campus. Oh well - at least WE got to see the best (beast) of him. And it was spectacular!

Yep I can only remember back to 1968 so I didn’t see Scott or Alworth either but heard a lot about those guys & others from my dad & his friends.
That puts DMac at the top of my list that I have actually seen.

He and Ricki Williams were the only two time Walker Award winners… he was also the only player to get robbed twice for the HT.

DMac and Felix delivered more explosive plays than the last 10 years combined. Those boys could take it to the house any time they touched the ball. Especially, DMac.


DMac and Felix delivered more explosive plays than the last 10 years combined. Those boys could take it to the house any time they touched the ball. Especially, DMac.

[/quote]And it’s fourth-and-short in LSU’s territory … D-Mac has run all over the Tigers (they still haven’t stopped him) … and the coach has Casey Dick drop back to pass. … SMH. Run the ball!!!

Anyway, great for D-Mac. Mr. Holtz, are you paying attention now?

DMac beats the two Heisman winners into the College Football Hall of Fame. He also made a lot more money playing pro football than either Tebow or Troy Smith.

Boy was he fun to watch.

I think you mean “Mr. Spurrier”.

No, it was Lou Holtz and Mark May whom Houston Nutt addressed after D-Mac ran all over the Tigers.

I think that remark to Holtz & May was for them & ESPN to get Dmacs name out there & vote.
Spurrier somewhere didn’t vote for DMac even though he ran all over the Gamechicks that year.

Know that, but I was only referencing the Nutt remark, which I still think is one of the funniest (and truest) things a Hog coach has said after a big win.

Gotcha. If you’d have said “Mark May”, I’d have connected the dots. Remember the comment well . . . “We got dat wood right here . . . and it’s A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S, not Kansas”