Dmac and co highlights 27 min of fun!

We will never have a backfield that talented.I was there when we stomped # 2 Auburn.I absolutely love how we pulled the C and G on the counter! ( 9.45 mark) so much quicker we need to getback to that! Also the T power at about the 15:25 Mark… we need to get these two plays in I know we probably won’t but they are awesome.

Simply beautiful football…

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Man O Man those were some studs in harmony.

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We were in such a hurry to run HDN off, but darn if Nutt’s mediocrity doesn’t look really good right now.

I agree with that! Markuson did an awesome job with the offensive line you go back and look at those videos closely and it’s nothing compared to what we’ve seen the last couple of years… those guys got off the ball and stayed after you. I would love for us to get back to blocking like that.

Just unbelievable! And the offensive line got after your tail and they had a very good scheme how to block.

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