DL transfer has Hogs in top 5 (quotes added)

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Yes. Come on down.

Sure looks like he could be a contributor to our Razorback team as they push toward a ten win season.

He will never regret playing for CSP and staff along with being a Razorback. WPS

I’d love to have him… probably be tough to get him out of Oklahoma though. We need you big fella

Hopefully the Ashley connection/prior relationship can have a big impact on his decision to the Hill!!!

Jaxon said he has a OV to the Hill set for Jan. 14-16.


I hope so, but TCU also has an in with him. Their new DC was his DC at Tulsa. He’s visiting Fort Worth this weekend.

We definitely need him.

isn’t it a dead period?

Maybe we can catch a break and he has a better relationship with his old position coach vs the DC. Let’s go Ashley…win it!

We sure could use him and he would likely play a bunch.

Why Player and others are visiting during this time.

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Told he’s wrapping up his Baylor visit today.

Good article RD. Kid (Man) explained the whole process very well. Different perspective.
Maybe it’s not always about the money (NIL).

This kid has it figured out - THIS IS A BUSINESS. It’s not personal.

Fans on Twitter disparaging Foucha and Brooks on Twitter need to get that fact through their thick skulls.


Sure is a business. Arkansas needs to operate that way. Still prefer kids who want to be Razorbacks. We don’t need to serve as LSU, Auburn, or Alabama’s developmental program.

It hurts when the direction is against us, but we are elated when it benefits us. More money and playing for your home state is a difficult bar to cover. When we consider the low number of SEC level players our state produces yearly, we best prepare to see more of this.

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So glad he came with the weather supposed to be bad tomorrow