DL signee Kaleb James

weighed recently and is up to 270.


He put up huge numbers in high school hopefully he can make the adjustment to Big Time football and make an impact

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We could definitely use someone that the other team is afraid of and has to game plan around.

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At I believe the highest classification in Texas so it wasn’t like he was doing that against scrubs either! He may be 280 when season starts!

Yeah from what I understand he was playing at a high classification level. He obviously will have to put on 20 or 30 lb before he can really be expected to contribute in a league that is got some massive individuals trying to block you LOL

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I am sure someone can correct this if wrong - James was at a smaller, private school near/in Ft. Worth and transferred for his senior season. The new HS plays at the top end of Texas football and he saw a lot of D1/D2 talent on the other side of the ball over the course of his final season.

He was at Nolan Catholic but I was told they played against very good comp too.

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