DL John Mincey de-commits from Arkansas (story, 2:17 update)

just sent out a tweet.

Did not see that one coming since John Scott was kept on, but Georgia, Tennessee and others did get in there after the former staff was let go.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -arkansas/

Well…you have to de-commit to visit another school. Oh wait, that was the previous administration, nevermind…

Does this mean it’s over for us?

As reported yesterday, Scott and Caldwell will see him Saturday. The coaching change allowed others to come in and that obviously got him to thinking elsewhere. Florida State has offered and is in the mix.

You have to hope he makes the Jan 26 visit. If that happens I think they can get him back on board. Retaining Scott is a big boost but the changed gave others the chance to muddy things up.

So…Richard, are they still keeping the visit?

I’ve tried to call and text him, have not heard back yet.

John is expected to visit Tennessee next weekend, then Arkansas and Florida State. The Jan. 26-28 visit is huge for the Hogs.

Take the A&M kid Wilson and go on about your business :cry:

Not a very good start after hiring D coaching staff.

Fulwider and Bishop were good gets.

To be fair, those happened BEFORE the defensive staff was announced.

After the defensive staff was ANNOUNCED. Not before they were participating in the recruiting process. There is no NCAA rule that says they have to be announced before they recruit.

The recruits have known since early December who it was likely to be.

Nick Fulwider told me he went ahead and signed because they told him Scott was going to be on the staff.

Win some; lose some so it not that big a deal. I hate losing good players that we need but, if he doesn’t want to be a Razorback, he wouldn’t be a good fit since he wouldn’t be happy.

True, but that was b4 the staff, kinda thought we would get a quick commit after staff was Announced.

The recruits have known who the assistants would be for weeks. The only ones who didn’t know were the fans. And we didn’t need to know. The recruits did.

So you’re telling me every recruit new the defensive staff that was going to be at Arkansas??!! And they all kept their mouth shut? Lmao!!!

I don’t know that every recruit knew, but some did because it was being reported that some did because it was being reported that, for instance, Chavis had called Gooden prior to being announced. Scott, who had been recruiting Mincey from the old staff, continued to recruit him after rumors that he might be on the staff surfaced. He very well may have known Scott was being retained.

I’ll agree a few new abt Chavis and a couple on his staff, but the whole staff, I don’t buy.

Fulwider was told in early December.

Most of them - if f not all six defensive guys - were told it was likely to happen.

It was the worst kept secret in a long time around here.