DL John Mincey commits to Hogs

As expected. Big get for Arkansas.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … s-arkansa/

Wow, great get for the Hogs! I may have missed it, but I hadn’t heard much about him before the last couple of changes. Was I just out of the loop?

The last 3 commits have been our 11th commit. What gives?

The commitment list has not been updated I guess it only shows 9. Luck and John haven’t been added. So we actually have 4 spots left for this class? Reason I ask is Someone said Hayden and another counted towards this class.

They do, we have 11 commits and those two get us to 13, so 2-3 more until we see how the fall plays out

Ok thx, this is got to be one of the most confusing classes for me.

Welcome John Mincey, being a Razorback is an honor. I said a prayer for you, may your life and career be filled with joy and good health. I am one of the TRUE RAZORBACK FANS who is fortunate enough to see the Razorbacks win a National Championship, I got to see Billy Moore, Bobby Burnett, Bill Burnett, Bill Montgomery, Joe Fergerson, and many others make many GREAT PLAYS, I was born in 1952, I got used to the Hogs being Ranked high every year, John: You can play a part in REVIVING that tradition, Most of these fans on this board have not got a clue of our Tradition, I have Helment that Coach Broyles sent me many years ago, God Bless.

Good stuff. Love hearing from guys before my time.

Great get for the Hogs. He can be a real difference maker on the defensive line. Richard, did he say he was not going on any more visits?

Is that correct? 4.7 for DL. I like that!

Oh yes, I saw all those guys Bismarck mentioned play for Coach Broyles. Would love to see that again. This seems to be the type defensive lineman that JFB loved. Quick & fast.

Hope so.

That’s what one of his coaches claims.

Is Fulwider off the table now? or do we have room for both of them?

Welcome to the Razorback family Mr Mincey, thanks for choosing the Hogs !! WPS