DL gets it first real test this week

My biggest concern for this defense coming into the yr.was would we be able to stop teams from ramming it down our throat and so far we have done ok especially Watts but to be honest we haven’t faced a running team yet.

I am still not convinced we are big enough to stop the big physical OL in the West. Tamu Bama and MSU are very physical(will find out about Auburn) but our DE are only about 240 unless we move Agim out there. I just don’t know if we can stand up to the pounding for 4 qtrs. Hope we can but will have to see it to beleive it.

The defense will find it extremely if the offense cannot sustain drives.

Well it is gonna be tough no matter what. Slimming these guys down so much may have not been the best idea. Because the D lines across the SEC are all big and tough, even Vandy.

The big test will be if JC and CCM can put together a plan and make adjustments. Last week, it didn’t look that way, as man coverage could not contain.

We will just have to see. I really don’t know what to expect in league play out of this team and staff. You never know, the light bulb could come on and it be a turning point. Or it could be more of what we have seen so far.

It’s crazy, I feel like I have to watch with my hand over my eyes and looking through my hands.

Don’t think “slimming” is the issue. They also got pushed around last year and were the worst defense in the SEC.

Doesn’t matter if you put the pounds on or take them off if your talent level is average at best.