Divided fan base and winning

I hear a lot of talk about a divided fan base if we hire Gus or if we keep CBB. Does winning cure all that? If we won 9 or more games and won a nice bowl game, would the fans then be united regardless of the coach?

Winning is and always will be, the cure for all fans.

We experienced it with Petrino following HDN. We knew he left Atlanta dishonorably, but he left them for us. We knew he was a jerk, but he was our jerk. He brought a lot of unity and excitement because we were winning a fair amount his last 2 years.

It’s the same way at all programs that put a premium on winning. Win an acceptable amount and you can stay. Don’t do that, and you will lose your chance to try.

Winning usually will heal most wounds, though if CBB were retained it’d probably take 10 or more to get the majority on board.

If CBB is retained, I would be fine with 8-9 wins next year. I think our program should win 7-9 each year…with an occasional bad year being unavoidable…and also occasional 10 and 11 wins.