Disturbing high school game

Maybe there was a well-intentioned coach trying to mentor and save him. Don’t know. The kid didn’t commit murder, but will have a criminal conviction on his record now. Like many others down there and, really, everywhere —too young, naive and stupid to play the long game.

I don’t see roids Harley on him. And trust me I see it in the gym I workout at all the time. Severe anger problem for sure. If he doesn’t get help he will eventually get shot and killed or end up in prison because he hurts someone. His teammate was trying to stop him I just hate that kids that did nothing wrong won’t get to play in the playoffs.

I agree with you hawgjawbend…this kid most likely comes from a bad situation at home and his anger is playing out on the field. No excuse whatsoever for what he did but like the disruptive kid in school there is likely a back story. And most likely it’s a really bad one.

I hope somehow someone can help this young man out. He’s on a bad road and it’s sad. He needs help.

That is completely unacceptable, can we bail him out for Auburn next year?

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