Disturbing high school game

short and obvious version on twitter follwed by local paper write up. Kid had a history of on field violence, just over the top crazy.

full write up, although there are more stories on the kid. Being a star must have excused past transgressions?

Saw something on that on SI.com. Hopefully when his team takes the field in the playoffs, he won’t be back in the lineup to commit more mayhem,

Kid needs to be charged with assault & battery and barred from any more HS sports.


Oops. School district took EHS out of the playoffs as a result of the incident.


Needs to be tried as an adult and sentenced as an adult.

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this is very appropriate. I’d add assault and battery. with only that short article to go by, that kid is a dangerous person, to others and likely himself. he needs help asap, certainly with a psychiatrist/therapist and maybe with a jail also. yikes, that’s ugly.

hope that ref is ok.


Glad that happened. That kind of behavior simply can’t be allowed. The kid probably has some serious emotional issues, anger issues, something, but we cannot allow the behavior, period.

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Maybe a classic case of “steroid rage”.

Doesn’t look like a 'roid body to me, but I could be wrong (I went to UA with a couple of guys I’m 99% sure WERE 'roiding up, so I know what they look like).

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local write up of getting kicked out of playoff, how in the heck he got the same type punishment from soccer as a junior and was not on the tightest leash is hard to appreciate. Im sure his talent was his way out of Edinburgh, but I doubt that will ever happen

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This went to SEC replay booth and was ruled inconclusive.


In the booth, Ken Switzer.

Well he’s been charged with assault. And he is 18, so he was charged as an adult.

Yep. I didn’t notice his age. But we can all count on you to point things out. Good job Swine! Don’t know what we would do without you.

Now thats funny!!!

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17 year olds are adults in Texas.


Intolerable. I’m usually not much for making an example out of someone, but here I think it’s warranted,.

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He really is a piece of work.

Edinburg is a tough part of the world. In the Rio Grande Valley. That young man will get punished pretty severely down there.

Surprised he was still on the team. He’s had a very similar football incident earlier in the year along with anger issues in other sports.