Disorderly Conduct or Free Speech?

I wasn’t there, but I read and heard some of the reports, too, and from what I gather, he did say those things to CBB, but I never read anything about CBB responding to it in any way. He just joked that he was glad the guy knew how to say his last name. It was reported that when he was approached by the officers that he got into some kind of incident with them (it was probably a war of words, which you can never win).

As for CBB and the fan at TCU, I think the remark that he looked for him after the game was more of a “Hey, we beat you and now you aren’t talking” statement than it was a “I’m going to get you arrested” comment. At least that’s how it sounded in the post-game press conference.

If he is a professor, and can’t figure out a way to express his displeasure with the coach without using obscenities… well that says a lot!

The issue isn’t “heckling” a coach it is:

  1. Obscene language (which is illegal in public, yes Free Speech does come into play, but in general you still can’t use obscene language in public, do you want you 7 year old child to have listen to that?)

  2. Public Intox. Yes lots of people are drunk at the games. But if you don’t show you butt, the police aren’t going to be checking to see if you are. You bring attention to yourself, they are going to check you.

  3. Disorderly Conduct. That usually means the police have told you to calm your jets and you still keep acting the fool. You do that, you are going to get a disorderly conduct charge no matter if you are yelling at a coach, the other teams coach, your wife, your child, etc.

When it comes to obscene language, you have it backwards. Until the 1960’s you use the F word in public, you would be arrested every time. Period. Try protesting against World War I and see what happened (you were arrested).

Now days, protest against a war? Nothing. Wear a t-shirt that says “F*** the Draft” (1960’s case that went to the Supreme Court), it is OK. I am not making political comments about if this is a good thing or bad thing, just saying the movement it to allow MORE Free Speech, not less.

I have made a lot of posts about this. I still believe no fan should ever be arrested for yelling a couple of expletives from the stadium stands at a college coach who just lost a big game that this same fan bought a ticket to see.

However I am seeing posts directed at me that the professor was argumentative with the police afterwards. One of the WHS articles alludes to this as well. I wish that aspect of this whole thing was as documented as the expletives are. Because arguing with the police will get one arrested for Disorderly Conduct 365 days a year. In 2016 or 1916. Not smart at all.

I don’t know about WWI, was not around then. Never researched the ins & outs in the theater of protesting WWI. However I am familiar with 1960’s and the hatred for the Draft. What you say about societal restraints being relaxed to an extreme degree is true. The period of time since the 1960’s is what I allude to. I agree fully that the late 1960’s was a freedom blossoming evolutionary event in American reforms. However you look at what is transpiring in US Courts across this country about people being locked up for simply publicly using what are termed “code words.” You will see freedom of speech is regressing in this country.

There’s no excuse for this professor to be arrested. I haven’t seen a head coach this protected since Houston Nutt. Oh and for the record Houston was cheating on his wife too. But since he did things Frank’s way it was overlooked by the same fans who are so angry at Petrino. Who just won !!! Lots of people at the game are drunk. Lots of people at the games are disorderly. Several years ago an Ole Miss fan did everything he could to incite a fight with a group of Hog fans (my friends and I) the cops stood by while the billigerent Ole Miss fans cursed and acted out in every way imaginable. Nothing was done. But then again I’m not Jeff’s handpicked successor to a coach who is making Jeff look more and more foolish every single day. CBB is too thin skinned for this job. He’s also too dumb for it. If he wants to be worshiped and adored by the fans then he needs to get out of football and get into hosting a cooking show or something. He stinks as a coach.

Buying a ticket gets you the PRIVILEGE to attend to game. And if you act like this moron in his classroom what would he do and what would the situation be for you as paying customer at UofA? And should the professor continue to be subjected to such abuse because you PAID to attend class? I DON’T think so. I think the professor got off easy. I would like to see some social activism in his class to bring that home to him as learning experience. With freedom comes responsibility. Lack of responsibility is this situation. HOGS YA’LL.

Contrary to what some believe, no one has a right to free speech at work, on the employer’s property, or during an “off-site” work related function. This “a$$ hat” is an employee of the University, who was drunk and disorderly, shouting obscenities at a colleague, making a public scene embarrassing to his employer, on the employer’s premises. He’s too stupid to keep his job, and the University is within their legal rights to terminate if they choose.

Well, the professor was not at work. So that debunks first part of your argument. As regards the second part of your argument, yes RRS is owned by the employer, but he paid to be in there, which is different than being on emoloyer’s property when the employer is paying you. Based on that, one could argue he was in a public place.

No. Just no.