Disney raising ESPN + streaming fees

  • Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) shares rose nearly 4% on Friday after Sports Business Journal reported that the media and entertainment giant would raise the cost of its ESPN+ streaming service nearly 43%.
  • The cost of ESPN+ will now be $9.99 a month, up from a previous $6.99 per month, as the cost of sports rights continue to increase, the news outlet added.
  • The price hike reportedly does not impact the cost of the Disney Bundle or ESPN+'s UFC pay-per-view events. The new price starts on August 23, according to Bloomberg.

credits increasing costs of sports rights as reason

A chunk of that is going to UA in the new contract starting in 2024. That $300 million per year for the SEC has to come from somewhere, and eventually somewhere means you and me – whether it’s streaming or your cable bill or my YTTV bill.

I am glad I got the bundle then.

Bundle would have been a waste of money for me. I don’t want Disney+ or Hulu. If I change my mind, they make it easy to upgrade, but I don’t expect that.

They were giving a yearly discount if you renewed while purchasing a UFC event (69.99, ha). I watch a select few of these events yearly and have been able to take take advantage. So far. :sunglasses:

This is the exact tractor beam I knew we’d be on the day ESPN announced their big deal last year.

I’m not sure why everybody was so damned excited about it when it meant that we were going to go from getting every football, basketball and baseball game televised AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to whatever we were paying for Cable/Satellite/Streaming ESPN/SEC Network at that time, to being forced to get and pay for ESPN+ to see many of the games going forward.

And - yes - I get that we “can’t” be left behind by the big money consolidation that we’re in the middle of right now…but that does not mean I can’t be unhappy about having to pay more to see the same things I’ve been getting for several years.

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WIZ, there will be a day when we pay for a package of games equivalent to stadium or field house admission. The package will offer additional services, including detailed pregame scouting reports, live time sideline, locker room interviews, etc., and coach-narrated replays. Those that chose the much less costly light bread version similar to what we see now will receive a plain vanilla broadcast without insider access. Much like cookouts at the coach’s house, control of access to something of value is going to be in the marketplace. As noted someone must provide the funds needed to feed these mega sports department budgets and it can’t be done with 9.99 a month contracts.

You’re probably right. And for those willing to pay for such “goodies”…let them and more power to 'em. I’ll take the regular broadcast, which has been plenty for me the last 50+ years. I’m interested in the games…the rests I can find on my own. But to each his/her own…

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