Dish dropped Disney overnight

From what I can tell, there was no warning that the contract was about to expire. There are going to be a lot of college football fans mad today because they won’t get ESPN, SEC Network, ACC Network, etc.

Wow! I would be fightin mad if I was a Dish customer.


Yikes! This might end up being an example of penny wise and pound foolish.

Can your future negotiations with Disney make up for the amount of subscribers you might lose here?


Stupid is as stupid does .
Forrest Gump
All American Football, Alabama


And no warning… wow.
Glad I’m not a Dish customer.


Be a lot of folks creating ESPN+ accounts and logging in online to stream their games.

My guess is Disney raised the rates (again) and Dish balked.

I already have ESPN + which I use to watch baseball and softball just a little inconvenience to me. I know it will get settled eventually they always do.

Glad im not a disney consumer.

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