Dish channel

I have dish and I never can find the channel for hogs games. I won’t be able to watch Saturday. Does anyone know what channel the game is going to be shown on? Thanks in advance.

SEC Network

Which according to the DISH channel list I can find is 404 or 408.

Thanks. Now let’s hope it doesn’t change before I leave Saturday morning. Dvr set.

SEC Network. It shows on the Guide. Had mine set to record for a week now. Hint, on the options, set to record 60 min. long. I use to have taping end before the game. They never allow enough time, especially if something happens.

They set aside three-hour blocks for a football game. It’s darn difficult to complete a college football game in three hours any more with TV timeouts, incomplete passes and stopping the clock for first downs. Never mind if there is overtime. The Auburn game crept over the 4 hour mark with 4 OTs.

I always set my DVR to run 2 hours past the scheduled end of the game time. There have been a couple of games against Ole Miss that went for about 5 hours.

Do yourself a favor; bookmark this page, and you’ll never have to ask again!!!

Or (have I said this before?) go to the FAQ thread pinned atop all of the boards. There is a link to that page.

It will be asked at least eleven more times. :slight_smile:

What channel is the FAQ page on?

I learned to record past at least 2 hours after a game. Ole Miss got me.