I rarely if ever come on this board and post in anger after a loss. And I have criticized those that do. If this make me a hypocrite this evening, so be it.

But that was disgusting.

Not simply that we lost.

But HOW we lost. Whipped on the line of scrimmage. Unable to run the football consistently against one of the worst run defenses in the country.

I am not a coach. But I do know this for a fact: You are good at what you work on. Pretty simple.
This team is not physical up front. Simple as that. That can be attributed to youth…against Ole Miss. But San José State? Seriously?

My one calm statement is–don’t fire Morris right now! That would make it even worse.

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Thanks for stating the obvious. This is not the right coach. He needs to go.

Tomorrow we have to read again that all he needs is time as the Hogs lose every game from here on out. Just give him time to build on this, the cupboard was so bare, it’s all Bielema’s fault, blah, blah, blah.

Probably also get told San Jose State is a better program now than UA just like Colorado State so we should be thankful we only lost by 7.

We are a joke and the laughingstock of the SEC. Is there still a Missouri Valley Conference where maybe we can win 5 to 6 games per year?

Many long time donors and fans are not going to stick around for this mess. This is NOT Arkansas football.

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I had an issue with tackling, I watched their team wrap up and grab both legs, I saw our guy try the no arm shoulder smash that usually never works. Chavis needs to just plain work on tackling this week. No defensive schemes, just tackle your guy.

What is Ark football?

I ask because since we have been in the SEC we have been a blip on the radar.

Yes, we won the west when it was pretty bad, ala was down, both MIss schools were bad, no TAM
but when we played in the championship games we got smacked.

When MFBP was coach the big year we had was still 3rd in the west and both Ala and LSU pimp smacked us.

As bad as I hate to say we are a middle of the road team in a Blood drinking league

I do not see how we can even keep the rest of the sec games close.

What is Ark football:

13-44 in SEC since expansion

1-16 in 2017, 2018, and 2019 YTD

11 SEC losses in a row

Three loses to G5 teams since beginning of 2018 and 1-3 overall

Two of CCM’s four wins were FCS opponents

Seven losses in a row to A&M

Without a doubt and unequivocally this is the worst program in the SEC and in the argument for worst P5 team in the country.

I’d argue we’re in a death spiral and San Jose State was the hard, rock ground.

Can a Phoenix rise from the ashes or is that story just a myth?

Do you believe that Chavis is still the guy for our program. Myself I’ve not seen the development of talent that I thought he would bring to the table. I’m anxious to see if we have any bounce back against the Aggies after our loss to SJS, by that I mean what’s our teams demeanor going to be like. Our effort after the loss will determine the longevity of our coaches tenure at Arkansas, if we show up without any fight in us and a chip on our shoulder I think the writing will be on the wall come December I’m sad to say. The TEAM has to believe in the coaching staff, the fans need to but it’s not imperative at this time. WPS

Dude, I’ve never believed Chavis was a good fit for our program. I’ve called and proved he is overrated since he was hired. Hell, look at aTm, he had a slew of 1st round talent (including Myles Garrett) and averaged 63rd in total defense. Bret’s teams averaged 63rd in total defense. Think about that. Next to hiring Bret as HC, hiring John Chavis was the biggest mistake in program history.

Remember when we were promised the #1 DC in America when CCM walked in that meeting?

Yep, and I 100% think he (CCM) believed he was going to get Venables. Then the money disappeared. I don’t blame CCM as much as I do whoever decided to invest a Brinks truck for Gus or no one. Y’all are really blaming the wrong guys.

The money disappearing was the reason we got CCM. After Gus said no, the money for a winning coach went away and the proven coaches that wanted the job pulled out.

And for the last time, if you think there weren’t good, proven coaches that wanted the job, then just listen to JCP on Bo Mattingly’s pod cast.

I was pretty sure that was your feelings on Chavis, I’m sure that he was the best CCM could get at the time. Morris is in a tough spot with the coordinators and if there’s no substantial improvement on both sides of the ball by November he will have to make some decisions on how to stop the bleeding. Hopefully we see a better effort in Dallas ! WPS