Disease deaths per day

This is pretty interesting chart .And yes I know this chart was in May but the deaths have actually went down since then.

No they haven’t and you’re not helping things by shoveling out outdated misinformation. Texas set a one-day death record on Thursday and broke it again on Friday. And as the number of cases continues to skyrocket, a certain percentage of those are unavoidably going to die. Which is why you want to prevent transmission first and foremost. Following quote is from yesterday:

“Even if we could magically lock everyone in their room and no one transmits to anyone, we would still be seeing an increase in deaths for the next several weeks,” said Catherine Troisi, an epidemiologist with UTHealth School of Public Health in Houston.

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Updated July 17, 2020
Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 8.1% during week 27 to 6.4% during week 28, representing the twelfth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC. The percentage is currently above the epidemic threshold and will likely change as more death certificates are processed, particularly for recent weeks.

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No I’m just providing/shoveling out the truth which you’ve always hard time understanding… the chart don’t lie. There are other diseases in this world that have been far more fatal.


That source of info is strictly political.

How is it political? You’ve got to be kidding! It’s a chart showing you deaths attributed to diseases… You can choose to make it political. Not my goal at all.

which source? The one I posted is from the CDC… it’s only political if you don’t agree with it … but I guess everything is political these days… especially this board. sigh…


Look up “Visual Capitalist”

Looks like they collect Data and display it to me… up to you decide what you want to do with it

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The deaths have decreased on a “weekly basis” since the peak on the week of April 18. So for the most part yeah they have decreased daily as well for the country. Swine if you want to cherry pick 1 state that is your choice, but you are wrong. I got my numbers from the CDC website btw.


Yeah whatever happens in Texas is the barometer for the rest of the world :joy::joy:

From this Washington Post article yesterday:


“More than 900 people died, matching a death count of recent days that has consistently hovered just below 1,000. That is well beneath the toll during the virus’s most devastating stretch, in April, when 2,000 or more people were dying daily nationwide. But it is also well above the totals earlier this month, when the average number of daily deaths dropped below 500.

More than 136,000 people in the United States have died of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.“

We have 1000 people dying daily right now, up from 500 per day earlier this month. See WP article above. Deaths are increasing again in our country, regardless of the fantasy land some of you live in.

Not sure where WP is getting the 500 a day from… This is from the CDC through July 17th and the numbers have went down for quite a while now.I think I trust the CDC number a little bit more than WP


False equivalency. Very false. Most of the health issues in the “chart” are not contagious as is Covid-19. And unlike Covid-19 those diseases or conditions are spread out over a period and do not remotely pose a threat to overrun ICUs due to a disease spike (caused by the highly infectious and contagious nature of disease). It’s about the biggest apples and oranges comparison you can imagine. This disease is unique. Why do you think the entire world has reacted to it like it has? I mean, come on.

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Makes no difference if diseases are contagious or not, death is death! Covid is a very real disease but no matter how you want to look at it, so far it has not been a huge fatality disease when you consider %. 99% survival rate is unbelievable… I mean come on.

Everyone’s opinions are already baked into the cake concerning the Chinese Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus, Covid19 Virus or whatever any particular person wants to refer to it.
It’s a travesty that this virus was negligently spread across the globe causing so much pain, death and yes economic stress for countries, businesses and workers.
The offenders must be held accountable for their reckless actions when all is said and done and I believe many nations are starting to recognize that and beginning to take action.
All we can do at this point is be a good citizen and neighbor by doing our part by wearing the mask in public, wash our hands, social distance as best we can.
I do believe that schools should be open and any parent of a child or a teacher that isn’t comfortable attending do to high risk issues they may have should be allowed to sit it out until such time they are comfortable to return.
It’s a shame that everything now days has to be turned into a political weapon by one side or the other, but that’s the way it is.
The non educational demands that the teachers union in California have made for their return to the classroom is a perfect example of what is wrong. For those of you that haven’t seen these demands I would suggest you google it and read it carefully.
I wish all my fellow Hog fans good health!


It’s terribly ironic that we’re talking about eduction yet Science Should Not Stand In The Way is a battle cry

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Little wonder we are in the current state of affairs. A lot of people just don’t understand what this virus does and can do. The Pollyanna “its not doing any real damage” and these silly comparisons to other conditions are ridiculous. Only 7-8% of the US population has been infected. 50-60% need to be infected or get a vaccine before it starts to really slow. Many, many more deaths will happen. Long slog unless a vaccine happens. And people thinking that will happen effectively by January are also kidding themselves. It’s a bad problem. It just is. The chance of college football in the fall is eroding every minute, in part because we have no plan and no idea what the hell we are doing. Shocking. And, yes, it is political. It involves local, state and national policy, or lack thereof.

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Marty, where are you?

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