Discrepancies between mens/womens tourney accomodations

It is pretty astounding.

First the weight rooms.

Then the food:

And finally:

NCAA is extremely tone-deaf about many, many things. They’re so hellbent about preserving “amateurism” when the rest of the country (including both parties in Congress) looks at it and sees something pretty close to indentured servitude.

Eventually the Power Six in hoops might say, screw this, we’ll cut our own deal with ESPN or whoever and bail out on the NCAA. Football is already in essence a non-NCAA sport.

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More on the food: :nauseated_face:

Did anyone hear what Seth Greenberg said about it on college gameday just now?! That guy is the biggest scumbag in all of sports media and the game of basketball. I can’t even begin to say what should be done to this guy. It really makes me wonder about what kind of intentions and integrity the NCAA and the ESPN mothership has. Really really a huge buzzkill to my excitement for March madness today :frowning:

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You may recall that unfortunately NBA did exactly the same thing with the WNBA bubble as compared to NBA bubble. What is truly alarming is that these men are not even aware that they are doing something wrong.

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I missed Seth. What did he say?

Full throated support for Mark Emmert and complete dismissal of this issue as inconsequential. His exact words were something like the NCAA had nothing to do with this, things are complicated by covid, people are doing the best they can, the weight room And other tourney discrepancies were just due to operator error, it’s not mark emmert or the NCAA responsibility to handle those operations.

But let me tell you despite what Seth thinks, this sort of “operator error” Would never have happened in the men’s tournament period. Mark Emertt and University athletic directors, coaches, media executives and the whole business establishment would make damn sure of it.

Seth Greenberg knows it too is the thing. His complete dismissal is Disingenuous to say the least. He is doing his best to protect the business establishment because he is in on it. He’s complicit and been on the take. Hog fans have known it since The Reggie Perry controversy and his outrageous public statements like this make it real hard for everyone in the public and the media to not see that Seth Greenberg is only about profiting off the exploitation of the NCAA student athlete amateurism business model. The shoe companies have been paying off the male student athletes to keep em subservient but maybe they made a big mistake ignoring the women who are are pissed enough to really do something about this kind of corruption. The kind of money we are talking about here is mind boggling. Treating the athletes like a (livestock) commodity is just sad. I mean did you see the slop they are feeding those women… ok rant over now I’m going back to watching basketball


Yeah, that last tweet that I posted showed it. They had no options, just that. Look at the spread for the men. It boggles the mind.

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somebody or somebodies at the NCAA need their butts kicked & then fired.

Anyone…ANYONE that does not cry foul with this is a mysogynist. Plain and simple. The differences are not subtle. They cannot be explained away with any sort of “what sort of revenue do they generate” mumbo jumbo. If female students in music were treated like this, heads would roll in my field. Same for academic pursuits. Its disgusting. Its callous. Its inexcusable. As the father of a daughter…I am livid.

My respect for the NCAA continues to diminish. Only because my beloved Razorbacks are part of it do I support it. Next thing you know, the women are just gonna be told to hush and be grateful.


My respect for the NCAA has long gone. This brings it to another level.


It is sickening. Its all about “who is gonna make us some $”. Thoroughbreds are fed the VERY BEST food one can imagine for a horse. Is this the “very best food” imaginable for a female athlete?

We all know the answer. The wonderful women that are in San Antonio all deserve so very much better.


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I’m actually surprised they provide anything nice for EITHER gender in the tournament. Probably haven’t until the bubble this year more or less required it. So going cheap doesn’t surprise me at all.

This seems relatively easy to fix. We better create a committee of 11 people; discuss what to do about it for six months; make a statement that says, “we’re taking this very seriously, but change takes time;” write multiple documents that will take another 6 months to write, revise, and then publish something that doesn’t actually fix the problem .

Or, I guess we could just standardize the order for both men and women and leave the paperwork out this time?

That would make too much sense so it will never happen.

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My question remains, how the heck does Mark Emmert still have that job?

As usual Swine, I agree with you. That said…if you are gonna provide something…HOW STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE to provide the “somethings” at such a glaringly disparate level of quality? They were literally asking for trouble. And deserve the hell being unleashed on them through social media and the actual media.

As I said, tone-deaf. Nobody thinks about this stuff. It’s been said that every President needs someone in his inner circle who will slap him upside the head and say, “that’s stupid, don’t do that!” It’s quite apparent that nobody at the NCAA is willing to do that, either for Mark Emmert or for the two basketball committees.

Well when Greenberg tried to chalk it all up to some inconvenience caused by Covid the one woman on the college gameday segment hit back at him saying actually this has been a growing frustration for 5-10 years and just a couple years ago the women litrerally watched as the men at the final four were provided generous gift swag bags in the green room while the women got jack. And had to raise a stink to get any swag bags at future final fours

I wish Seth Greenberg had been trapped in Brandon Allen’s truck. It’s a travesty that the women are treated this way. They work every bit as hard as the men, and quite honestly, I enjoyed our ladies win over UConn as much as anything our men have done this season. Money isn’t everything.