Discovered something interesting this morning

Stopped in Best Buy this morning to look at TVs because, well, mine sucks.

So I’m looking at a Samsung, and suddenly it shows a spot with a huge TV being dropped into an Ohio State fan’s mancave and the banner “Samsung – Official Sponsor of Ohio State Football”. A couple of minutes later, the same thing for Texass.

So I did some research. Samsung is an official consumer electronics partner of the Suckeyes, and Fallopians, along with the Ocean Scum, Meechigan, and Washington. But they also have less involved arrangements with 15 other schools, including Arkansas. Learfield was the go-between in setting up all of these. There will also be an Arkansas-themed video available at the Samsung website, although it’s not there yet.

So if you’re in the market for a TV, it appears Samsung is supporting the Hogs. (I haven’t decided yet, but it will factor into my decision, along with price, features, etc.)

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I have a 65 inch Samsung. Best birthday present I ever gave myself.:slightly_smiling_face:

I bought a new house last year and bought two Samsungs to go in it. They are good TVs.

We have Samsung’s here as well. They are also recommended by Consumer Reports.

i’ve been considering a larger tv for my upstairs Razorback room. I have no idea what the best are. I don’t want to overpay for something that’s the newest best thing that next year will be half the cost, but I want a really good quality for something that’s about 65." I get confused with all the LED, plasma, OLED, etc distinctions. Samsung seems to have a pretty good rep, but I think most brands are pretty interchangeable.

Costco has one setup for about $20,000. I don’t know what all it’s supposed to do, but no way in hell am I going to spend anywhere near that kind of money. I wouldn’t buy an IMAX theatre with a ticket booth for that much.

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I just got a 75" TCL Roku TV for under a $1000 that I’m really happy with.

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I’ve heard good things about TCL, LG, Sony and Hisense as well as Samsung. Don’t think I’ll do 75" though.

It was probably overkill. Lykes looks life-sized on it, lol.

I have two TCL Roku TV’s
They are pretty good with the built in Roku

Also have a 65 Sony several years old that is great, have Apple TV on that one.

And when my mother in law moved to South Carolina she left us a nice 55 Samsung that I have on the back patio, with an Apple TV there as well

And a much older 65 Samsung in the “Grandkid’s playroom”. Still has a great picture and I have a Roku hooked to it

They are all great

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Lykes may BE lifesized on a 75 inch.

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Learned from a friend who is NFL sound man that they use only Samsung for game day monitors & broadcasting due to their clarity & reliability. That is enough endorsement for me to purchase a Samsung as my XMAS present this year.

Surprised Texass has enough support from its fair weather fans to be a sponsor for them, especially after their last decade of mediocrity & their negative outlook.

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If you are nice, you can have your Christmas present early. :wink:

If I order something that isn’t in stock locally, they may not get it before Christmas.

Got an 85" inch Samsung Neo 4K this summer. I was very disappointed it did not change Paul Finebaum’s looks. LOL. Enjoy the TV; the 4K is excellent if you can find the content. Just not enough yet in sports.

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Jeff, I’ve got three Samsung 4K UHD TVs in my new house and they are excellent TVs. Picture quality is great. Great streaming with Roku and regular Direct TV. I have 55-65 inch sizes. I always thought Sony was the best quality wise, but these are just as good in my opinion.

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Plasma has pretty much gone by the wayside. OLED seems to be the preferred format because of its greater contrast, although for sports, the Neo QLED Donald mentioned is specifically designed for sports (and is why Samsung is marketing with those 20 schools).

Since it seems you specifically want this TV for sports, here’s a recent link I found rating the best 2021 models for watching sports. One of the Neo models is on this list, along with one of the Hisense models I was considering. The 65 inch model of the Samsung is about $2000 at Best Buy.

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thanks Jeff

Bought an new Samsung 65 this year. Excellent TV!

I got a new 65 inch Samsung smart TV back in the spring. Had another Samsung for about 10 years before that. I have always been very impressed with the clarity of the picture.

Got a 65”Samsung for my new man cave last year. Nothing bigger would fit. It’s a 10’ x 20’ (interior dimensions) Holden building finished out, anchored down, and sitting right outside my garage. Heated and cooled by a small mini split system, it is perfect. I ordered upgraded windows and insulated floors. It was very cozy even last winter.