but it’s just one game. They made mistakes, but I liked what I saw from Macon and Barford.

The “4 position” was a problem last year and wasn’t good tonight.

Biggest mystery is why we aren’t working more out of the post with Moses.

Get mad, be bitter, learn and grow. Selection Sunday is in March not November.

We are better than last year and we were .500 then.

Reasonable. I still think we will make the NCAAT and won’t be a bubble team.

Your title is a good word to use for tonight’s effort. 8 assists and 21 turnovers pretty much tells the story of the Hogs’ performance.

Perhaps the most “discouraging” thing to me was that, offensively, in the half-court, it looked like we were playing without a purpose. Make a couple passes and take a few dribbles on the perimeter, then the shortest guy on the floor would drive around his man and try to finish at the rim. Result was usually a block or a TO. Was our motion offense motionless?

Oh well, gotta turn the page. Write this off as 8 new players in their first road game against a (hopefully) decent team. Use this as a learning experience and put it in the rear-view mirror.

This worst thing about this loss is it has 6 day’s fester (including the Holidays).

The Honeymoon of expectation for this team is officially over and from here on out they will have to force the issue and make the season ticket holder’s to want to see the product on the floor outside of a bored student body.

The good news is it’s the 4th game of the season so it really doesn’t matter if we lost by 1 or 50 if…AND I MEAN IF this game can be used as a building block to improvement and focus on team chemistry.

This team won it’s first 3 games on talant alone.
Minnesota although no Indiana or Michigan St. is much more cohesive and took advantage of Arkansas defenders streaking towards the 3pt line a half-a-step late which was complimented by 20 TO & Ref’s calling touch fouls.

Again this loss will fester for a solid 6 day’s among the fan base and the player’s will undoubtedly here about it (SOCIAL MEDIA)

That was ugly. I’m at work, and didn’t get a lot of free time to watch. Which was a good thing. Nothing good about tonight, except that it’s one out of 31+ and it’s over. Minny is a good team, although probably not as good as we made them look tonight.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend. But it doesn’t discourage me. Yet.