Disappointed but

our boys are still SEC Champions and SEC Tournament Champions. It was a great season that didn’t pan out to be an amazing season.

Kopps will probably win some awards and DVH will continue to coach and build a great team. From what I’ve read, we’ll have a lot of key players come back with very good pitchers getting another year to get better. We will still be an SEC power in baseball.

Also, I’ll just take a second to say overall our athletic department kicked butt this year. Overall, if you told me Arkansas would have so many ranked teams and win 9 conference titles, I would take that in a heart beat. It’s been a good year and everyone should be grateful!


You are correct general, a lot of SEC titles.

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I, like most Hog fans, am disappointed but will be forever grateful for the enjoyment the BB team brought me this year. The hard work put in by the players, coaches & support staff is so much appreciated. Words can’t describe how proud I am for all involved with this team.

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