Disagreement behind the scenes ?

Total Rumor – but posting just as an FYI and to see if others have seen and smelled this smoke.

Heard there’s a fight between the BOT and Admin over who football coach should be. Obviously BOT wants the popular fan choices, Admin wants the one who’s not as flashy and is not the fan favorite.

Scary – because that’s how we got Nutt over Tuberville and Heath over Self. Both those decisions hurt both programs, pretty much devastated basketball.

Hope the $ and power wins this time.

I do not believe the BoT unless on the advisory committee, are supposed to be able to influence the coaching search.

So I doubt that.

I’ve heard that, but heard the disagreement was on plan b behind Gus.


I would trust the BOT on the football hire a lot more than Steinmetz or JCP.

Can the BoT be recalled or impeached for stupidity?

I hope Steinmetz updated his resume after firing JL, because he’ll be the next one kicked to the curb, followed by JCP. BoT has to have its scapegoats.

That would mess up getting him definitely