“Dirty Lowdown...”

The Boz Scaggs song is stuck in my head. I would love to be completely out in left field here, but the truth is we are going to continue to struggle like this for considerably longer than anyone wants to acknowledge. We have no other path to depth and experience across the field. The senior season for today’s true freshman would be the first season for that kind of depth, but only at the isolated positions adequately recruited, still not at every position. Maybe a couple of years to iron out that situation, and we’re five more years down the SEC West highway. This is pretty much regardless of who’s at the helm, and is only expanded by weaker recruiting, or excess attrition, and lumpy position focus. The head coach will have to fully orchestrate every detail of this journey with laser precision and incredible focus and vision. Who is capable of that task…? Morris looks shaky at best with the orchestration part, and only capable of recruiting what’s left in Texas after the cream has been skimmed by the premiere programs. You can say he should know how this works because he was a component at Clemson, but Deshaun Watson would make HDN look like an offensive genius. The list of professionals from Clemson during his time there was dramatically superior to what he’s bringing here as the one responsible for everything.

You know what the task looks like from here, and you have a staff in place. I’ve yet to hear a plan from his mouth for accomplishing this monumental feat ahead. This University has only hired a single coach since the departure of Broyels that left and accomplished more than they did while in Fayetteville. Hatfield, Crowe, HDN, Petrino, and Belima all watched their career spiral downward after their stints here. Ford hung up the whistle and called it a day, while Holtz was the lone success story. Looks like a pattern to me👀

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