DirecTV and the SEC Alternate channel

Anybody on DirecTV getting the Hog BB game on the SEC Alternate channel? This is the 3rd time now that when they announce the game will start on the Alternate channel, that it is NOT showing on my Directv alt channel!

The only time my alternate channel has ever came on is during football season when the games are scheduled there a week out. It’s never shown the portions of the games when they’re supposed to be shown like tonight

Exactly as baked said. The only time that I have ever gotten anything on the alternate channel is when something is scheduled there.

I think it’s just a directv thing, I’ve never seen anything show up on the alternative channel since I switched to them. Last year I had Uverse and any time the games lasted too long I always seen them on the alternative channel with them.

This. Alt channel always worked on Uverse. Now that I am on DTV, it doesn’t.

This in CA also, just switched 2 months ago from uverse to DTV