Directors Cup update

They put out new standings after the completion of golf at The Blessings. Hogs are 34th at 545.75 points with baseball, softball and track remaining. We’ll score points in all four of those (men’s and women’s track). Track got about 160 (100 for the NC women, men tied for 15th which should be 59.25 points). Baseball will get at least 64 points by making a super regional and could get up to 100. Softball, I think will be in a tie for 33rd which would be 37.5 points. Depending on where the baseball team finishes, we could jump into the top 20 with no help from football or either basketball team.

Usually we’re at or near the top of schools that offer as few sports as we do. Stanford wins the DC virtually every year. Stanford also has 36 varsity sports. We have 19. You can only count your top 20 sports, but we don’t have 20 to count and we have a few clinkers like football, hoops and tennis. Stanford is very good in sports that don’t have a lot of schools nationwide, like water polo, so getting big DC points is a lot easier. NCAA women’s water polo takes the top 8 teams, so at worst you get 72.5 for a fifth-place tie. Men’s tournament is 6 with two play-in games, so also 72.5 if you lose the play-in.


Great analysis Jeff.

Didn’t know of the tremendous disparity in the amount of sports teams between Arkansas and Stanford. Practically twice the number of teams. Yikes!


Winning today would be worth at least 9 points; 7th place tie in Omaha is worth 73.