Directors Cup standings will update tomorrow

Hogs are hoping to top last year’s eighth place finish. Tomorrow’s update will include everything but baseball, but we also have some idea what baseball will be.

Making Omaha is worth a minimum of 73 points. Win a game, it’s at least 78. Win two games, 83. Make the championship series, 90; win the whole thing, 100.

Some of the sports that will be included in tomorrow’s update:
Women’s track, 6th (73.5 points)
Softball, 9th (64)
Men’s track, 23rd (51)
Women’s tennis, 33rd (25)
Men’s golf, 9th (69)
Women’s golf, T-22 (I think that will be 51.5 points)

We had 634.25 points at the mid-April update, so if my numbers are correct, we’ll have 968.25 tomorrow and will finish with at least 1041.25. Last year we finished with 988, so our best Director’s Cup score ever. Interestingly, in one way we have done worse this year. Last year we scored DC points in every sport but volleyball. This year volleyball and men’s tennis were shut out.

I don’t think Florida can catch us even after winning both men’s and women’s track, but in mid-April we didn’t have the best score in the SEC. Kentucky did. However I don’t think they’ll have more than 968 tomorrow.

Michigan was in first place in April, but when the final scores come out in early July I expect Stanford to be on top. Again. Won women’s golf, made it to Omaha, etc.

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And the update is out. I was half a point off; we have 967.75 points, good for eighth place. Kentucky remains ahead of us at 979.75, but we’ll pass them after Omaha. Florida, however, roared past us with the two track titles and high finishes in golf, tennis and women’s lacrosse (I think I knew they had a lacrosse team; I had no idea they were any good.)

My only incorrect guesstimate on the UA score yesterday was men’s track; we got 50.5 instead of 51 (maybe we tied for 23rd).

In between Florida (5th place) and Kentucky (7th place) is UNC. Since they made the super regional, they’ll get 64 points for baseball, so we can’t catch them even if we win the CWS. So it’s looking like a 7th place finish, still a school best.

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