Sorry about the non- football post. I am trying to get member input on Direct TV. Now have Cox, but have been thinking about to go Direct. Would appreciate any in put , god or bad. Thanks in advance.

Expensive but the best customer service I’ve ever enounctered.

I agree with Hog2009. Its your best option for sports. If you are looking for
the best price, though, it’s not the answer for you.

It’s OK. bad weather can lead to a little pixelation or loss of service, but it doesn’t happen often and it doesn’t last long.

Uverse is the best service I have had in the last 10 years.

I just switched from UVerse to DirecTV, but only because AT&T, who bought DirecTV is offering nearly 1/2 price for a triple bundle. That includes TV, internet, and phone (either cell or digital land line). They are giving big discounts, not only on the DirecTV, but also on the U-Verse internet, and phones. They are all 3 coming with 2 year pricing guarantees.

Like you, I really liked U-Verse, but in this area (central Arkansas) AT&T is basically pricing you out of the U-Verse market. In the North Little Rock area if you have a discounted U-Verse contract that is expiring, they are refusing to “deal” with you on any new discounted pricing. I had one person tell me that if I didn’t want to switch to DirecTV, my best bet was to just shop around to find a better price for TV, internet, and phones.

It certainly looks like AT&T’s plan in purchasing DirecTV is to eventually phase out U-Verse TV by price gouging. In 2 years, when this contract expires, I will probably go back to Comcast.

Interesting. I’ve had U-verse since 2009, and if they’re trying to price gouge me they’re being really sneaky about it (and my initial contract expired a long time ago). However, lately I’ve had quality issues; my TV and internet both go out for periods of time, unrelated to weather or anything else I know of. Service techs have come out multiple times, tell me it’s an external wiring problem, work on the external wires, but it keeps happening. I’m about ready to pull the plug and go to Cox, and I had sworn I’d never go back to cable again, but this is really bad. I need a provider that can bundle TV and internet, so Cox is my only other option in Da Fort.

My understanding is that they are going to phase out the Uverse cable service and will be just Directv in the future.

You are correct Porque. Have a friend that works in the industry with insider knowledge. AT&T is no longer pushing UVerse, investing in upgrades to system, etc… That is why they bought Direct and started pushing that.

What I’m hearing from the AT&T tech that came out, is that they would need to do massive upgrades to the original lines that service both TV and internet. Currently, in dense areas, they don’t have enough bandwidth available to run both TV and internet without complications.

They decided to invest in DirecTV instead of doing all the line upgrades. They maintain that there will be plenty of bandwidth for those areas to meet the bandwidth requirements for all the varying internet speeds they are selling. I know I have been complaining for months that the internet speed I had been paying for never reached its advertised speed. Since switching, each time I’ve checked, my internet speed has been exceeding the advertised number.

This is correct. I worked with AT&T as a 3rd party as we developed the set top boxes for the roll out of Uverse and supported the technical support for about 8 years.

When they bought DTV, they made a total flip in their TV strategy.

Have the replaced the router yet? Its not uncommon for those to go out or have intermittent issues that are hard to solve. The first tech should have swapped it as a precaution

Yep. Got a new router a few weeks ago. Outages continue. They came out Monday to work on the wiring. No change.

Agree here, was with uverse for at least 10 years, price got VERY expensive, just last month got direct with like 300 channels for 2 year locked rate at 81 a month. Its my understanding uverse is pushing all there cable to direct and getting out of the cable end

Yeah, that’s another reason they will move away from uverse toward DTV. Something goes wrong in the wiring and it is hard to find it.

I infer from your comments that ATT doesn’t enjoy nor want to move further into “bundled” packages? I am tempted to switch from Uverse bundled to DirectTV, primarily due to the ad that says they will provide a free iPhone 7.

But if I switch to Direct, is there a possibility that the bundled service may go away in the future?

I expect them to continue bundling. They will bundle Uverse internet connection with DTV as the tv provider. its easier to provide high speeds on internet when you dont have to split your bandwidth to handle TV.

They wont move away from bundling till the rest of the industry does.

I like the sports package but the men’s BB game earlier with week was on SEC + of course I called so they have added another channel that isn’t included and wanted another 10 to 15 so I told the non English speaking man from South America if another game was like this one is just get rabbit ears and a dam radio. It is expensive but I watch all sports to include golf. If the hogs had a horseshoe team I’d watch my hogs !!!

We have Cox internet/phone/cable at our home and DirecTV at our condo. I switched the condo to Directv a couple of years ago so I could compare the 2 and see if we wanted to switch our home to Direct as well. 2 years later we still have the same setup.

They each have their plusses and minuses as others have said. For us, the biggest reason we kept Cox at our main residence is b/c their internet has great speed and it is very stable which is huge for us. Also the newest cox Contour equipment with the voice controlled remotes, etc is really nice and has some convenient features that even our young children can use. The downside with Cox of course is the price. It’s almost time for me to call and haggle with them again as their intro rate periods are shorter and their rate creep is horrible.

Directv seems great as well, although we don’t spend nearly as much time at our condo using it as we do at home. When we first got Directv it seemed the picture quality was better than with Cox, however since we upgraded our Cox equipment it seems to be a wash now. This biggest plus for Directv for us was cost, particularly during the first year. Not sure of their current rates but you can get some really great intro package deals and rates including free NFL Sunday Ticket. Their rates go up significantly after a year but they seem willing to renegotiate after year one and especially after year 2. The biggest downside for Directv for us is the loss of signal due to weather. As some have said it usually doesn’t last long, but the problem is very real and it does happen consistently during bad weather (and our dish has perfect sightlines and no physical obstructions). We lose signal during heavy rain and moderate to heavy snow which is a deal breaker for my wife–she refuses to get Directv at home b/c she wants her tv on during severe weather. If that’s not a big deal for you, or you don’t mind setting up an antenna for use during outages then we don’t have any real criticisms of Direct.