Direct TV

Not basketball but I need some advice. Thinking about going to Direct TV from Cox. Does any one have any experiece, good or bad, with Direct TV? Thanks in advance.

I’ve had it for a couple years. I’ve had no issues with it. I get a little pixilation when we have really bad storms but nothing that is a show stopper

I’ve had Cox in two separate cities and I despise it and never want to have to deal with it again.

I Like Direct Tv had great experience with them if you have AT&T phone service you get a discount with direct tv and you get HBO free

Super Reliable Service
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent Internet Service (since AT&T merger)
Carries SEC Network, so I can stream SEC+ through ESPN3 (or Watch ESPN App) for free.
Worth every penny.

We’ve got Cox cable, internet and phone at our home, and DirecTV at our condo so we continually compare the two. No real issues with DirecTV other than the occasional outage due to weather (it’s a very real problem that happens frequently during heavier rain and moderate snow, but can that can be addressed by adding an antenna for local channels).

We used to like DirecTV much better prior to their acquisition by AT&T, but we always slightly prefer Cox overall–particularly the internet service here which is stable, dependable and much faster than AT&T. Both Cox and AT&T are guilty of serious price creep–be prepared to call every 12 months or so (depending on the length of your agreement) to negotiate lower prices. But DirecTV has now adopted the AT&T philosophy of continually harassing customers by calling and trying to upsell additional channels and services. This may not bother some people, but really rubs me the wrong way–in typical AT&T fashion, they will make sales calls to our home and cell phones regularly in spite of us requesting that they stop.

Bottom line for us:
Internet service-Cox over AT&T in a landslide
Cable Service-picture quality is a wash. However, Cox wins for their Contour DVR, but DirecTV wins for online access and app.
Service-Just our personal experience but the times we’ve had to call Cox, they have responded promptly and had problem resolved usually the same day. DirecTV service took much longer the couple of times we’ve had to cal them.
Overall we prefer Cox but if the price is right, DirecTV is a solid choice.

I have had both Dish and Direct. Honestly can’t tell the difference in the two. Good idea to price check annually with either…

If you are an NFL fan, NFL Sunday ticket makes Direct TV a no brainer.

Also, if you are interested in 4k technology, Direct TV has movies that are in 4k and some sporting events. The satellite companies will always be ahead in technology because they don’t have the infrastructure of cable. Who know when cable will offer 4k content.

Over the years we have had Time Warner Cable, Dish, and now have Direct tv. Direct tv is by far the best.

I agree with all the positives on directv, only thing I have a issue with and I’m sure it’s not only direct is they will up the price on ur bill after a period of time. You can call them though and get discount to keep ur bill close or lower by calling. They do this to make money and also get feed back from customers so I was told by a representative.

I think I am just weird (that is a given) but the few times I have watched 4K TV’s I haven’t liked it. To me, it makes everything look like video instead of film. You watch a movie or TV show that was shot using film and it looks like video instead (video may be more “real” looking but I like the feel of film).

Is that just my eyes? (It may be, I can’t tell a big difference between watching a HD channel and a regular channel, my kids will look at me like I am crazy and switch a show back and fourth between the HD channel and the regular one and shake their heads at me that I can’t see a huge difference).

We have Directv in Little Rock. Every time it storms, we lose the signal. Not sometimes and not never like the Directv salesman tried to tell us, every time. Except for that annoying detail it is fine for 12 months and then you fight them to back them off on their price gouging over and over until the 24 months is done. We are looking at a Tivo DVR with an over the air antenna and Hulu. To get the DVR and connect it to two other TV’s, we are looking a $400 plus first cost, but we will get that back in four to five months with the the savings on the cable bill. The only thing Hulu doesn’t have that we watch regularly is HGTV. I think we can buy that direct from them and once that is confirmed, we are going to cut the cable and dish cord.