Direct TV Coverage for State Tourney Games

KASN channel 38. MIlls vs Parkview 2 today at 5:15.

You know if it’s airing in Fayetteville on any channel? We don’t have a KASN channel 38 here.

Blue, KASN in Little Rock shows CW programming and other local programming. I’m sure you have a CW station in Fayetteville. Maybe check that station or other stations that show local programming in NW Arkansas.

Yea, our CW station isn’t playing it. Looked at all the other local channels and don’t see anything either.

CW Arkansas TV stations

the Arkansas Activities site - when you subscribe for a fee

or listen on the Mascot Media App

do you know for sure if KHBS (nwa’s cw) will cover it tomorrow? I’m considering buying a digital antenna to pick it up since dish doesn’t carry it.

i want to see that Jonesboro El Dorado game but I saw a post that suggested cw not covering games Friday. idk

I’m looking at the KHBS/CW schedule for tomorrow and for Saturday. No high school hoops to be seen on either day. Nothing on the other FS/NWA channels either. College games on Saturday, but not high school.

I just subscribed on the Arkansas Activities site, because I wanted to see the games today and tomorrow, however on the live stream I keep getting the message “Please Standby Technical Difficulties.” Been doing saying that for like the last 15 minutes. I was able to get video for the first few minutes of the game, but it was very choppy.

Did anybody else try this?

I have direct TV and I get it! Channel 38

Remember. Friday games will be on 42, not 38. That’s for DirectTV in Central Arkansas. I don’t know about other providers but Dudley posted info on that somewhere. Better yet, get thee down to Spa City if you can. Just don’t enter the arena until you know that I am seated, relieved and have concessions in hand. :wink:

You can watch it on the Arkansas Activities Association website for a fee and hear the games on the Mascot Media app