Diop prediction to Arkansas

This is where playing time and the transfer portal comes into play. Keep in mind Scholarships are renewed yearly.

“He’s a long play.”

Muss tried the long play with Connor Vanover, and we all saw how that turned out.

Right. Good point.

I trust Muss. If he thinks Diop can help, who are we to doubt him?

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You’re right Jeremy. Muss has done plenty to not be questioned on who he recruits and why.

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Don’t doubt Muss at all. Right now I’m more inclined to doubt Graf’s prediction of Diop to Arkansas. Think someone jumped the gun on that one.

Yeah, we should let it play out. We did say the era of projects is over when we hired Muss.


as far as we know, staff is on to more immediate contributors

haha you guys are too much I swear :joy: :crazy_face:

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He is not a “big”. He’s 6-10

It’s semantics, probably, but long play doesn’t mean project to me. (And, I’m not saying that’s your point). Muss calls them developmental players, and I think that’s what Diop is - someone who we don’t expect to come in and get primary minutes immediately. Pinion is the same.

I think we all just have to accept that not every player has to be a top 50 guy because Muss plays a relatively small number of players each game. So, it’s ok to take a Diop type player.

I’ve said I like High more than Diop, but if Diop significantly helps us get Fall, I’m absolutely ok with it. Diop might fit our culture better, too.


Could still be growing to

Wing span?

No, from what I’ve seen that is his height. As I said above, he was a PG and is now a SF. Not a “Big”

Connor’s not a scrub either. Just didn’t fit Muss’s system. He could flourish with the right coach and system.

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