Dilly dilly! That plane left yet?

Looks like Georgia has the Tiggers number tonite. Will Gus be on a plane to Hogland or Bus to Auburn tonite?

Multi million $ question!

I’ve read 3 different legit sources that Gus signed an extension with Auburn. May be wrong, may be right. I know I am going to really enjoy watching Auburn getting “the dog crap kicked out of them” AND Gus staying in Auburn.

The Gussies won’t know what to do. I hate Auburn!

If true, there is no reason this would not have been announced BEFORE the game

Sure there is. Gus came out and said he was focused on the game. How would it look if he then said he had signed an extension? That he wasn’t focused? Think people think.

I have no legitimate sources but AUB fans seem to believe it’s signed and they’re stuck with him. They’re hoping the rumors aren’t true and we’d get stuck with him. :lol:

Not how this works. If true, the school announces the extension before the game. All that other is double-speak, coach-speak, bs that is most of the time not true.

So there is a reason. You just don’t agree with it. I guess we’ll see soon enough.