Digging up the turf

At Razorback Field.

What’s up with with that? Hasn’t it always been a grass pitch? Hope they don’t replace it with anything artificial.

I’ll double check, but I think this is an early part of the renovation process that included a new grass field that is leveled. There has been a slope to the field since it was built.

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Confirmed: Arkansas leveling the soccer field and installing the Tahoma-31 grass strain found at the football stadium. The new grass won’t go down until the summer.

I guess we were hung with the turf we were going to use after the Garth Brooks concert, lol. Our football turf looked bad at the spring game, hopefully summer treats it better.

My vague recollection is that they replaced the turf after the concert, but I could be wrong.

Nope, we didn’t.

UA: Grass replacement not needed as expected.

dang, all teams were aware of that corner down hill slope and had to prepare for it and get psyched by it. Could have been a bigger weapon for us if we had corner kick magicians. Home field advantage decreased.

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