Different question about the intentional grounding call

Th referees ran 10 seconds off the clock as a result. Did they give us the option of declining the runoff?

Those 10 seconds would’ve been nice for another play or two to get to mid-field for a Hail Mary.

Even dumber rule, we should remember that and penalize another team with our penalty when leading late.

It was a live clock so didn’t matter.

Not necessarily a “live clock”. Refs blew play dead on what they claimed was an incomplete pass with 0:28 left to play. They changed the call to intentional grounding, and enforced a :10 second runoff.

According to NCAA rulebook, the offended team has the option of refusing the :10 second runoff if certain fouls are called (intentional grounding is one specifically listed). A refusal of the :10 second runoff would then have the game clock start on the snap, not at the official’s ready.

If our coaches told them to enforce the runoff, it was handled correctly by the officials but was an error on the coaching staff’s part. If they never gave us the option of refusal, it was an(other) error on officials’ part.

From NCAA rulebook:

This is just another example of the poor officiating on the SEC!

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