Difference in Pittman and Freeze

Regarding missing Saturday’s game, Pittman says the Hogs will be fine. He said we have 3 capable coordinators, a fine staff, etc. He said practices and the game should go smoothly. With these comments, displayed humility while garnering confidence in the staff and players.

Last year, Hugh Freeze wasn’t able to coach a game(s) due to some kind of surgery. He actually had a hospital bed set up in the press box for him to coach from. In other words, he didn’t want anyone to think the show could go on without him.

I prefer Pittman’s down home style.

I’ve thought Freeze was a fraud since I heard some of his radio interviews while he was at ASU.

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Freeze calls the plays. It is a different type operation. I don’t think they are similar in any regard and your point is on target. But Sam will be missed if he’s out for long. He keeps the ship steady and sees things through a veteran eye. They need him back.

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Don’t know if anyone but Sam could have calmed the halftime waters against Tennessee,

For sure, he did that. And also made adjustments.

There’s a big difference between Coach Pitman and Freeze none one has mentioned. ( integrity). I’ll take Coach Pitman any day and twice on Sunday. He is a leader of men and does it with humility and class. Our hogs need their leader.

Absolutely correct, Pittman is genuine in all aspects of his life. Plus a dang good coach and leader.
Freeze is a dang good coach no doubt, but as far the genuine aspect in other areas, well that’s a matter of opinion at this point. He knows just to keep his clean now and/or cover his tracks.

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One major difference is their speed dialing choices…

Pitt - Catfish Hole
Freeze - (Fill in the blank).

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