Difference between us and A&M ----

-------- not as much as I expected. They have recruited better rated talent than us. They had true freshmen playing corner, running back, and receiver and our only true freshman that matched that trio in talent was Treylon Burks. Knox would have made it two if he had played.

It was our defensive line’s best game this year, but they had some very big, very good athletes in the D-line that we just don’t have. They were tossing our O-linemen around easily and making great plays.

We got good play at QB considering our O-line struggles so there is not much talent difference there. Our running backs matched theirs in talent. We are just 2-3 O-linemen away from matching them offensively.

On defense, they are better than our defense at almost every position, but the margin is not huge at the starting positions. It is huge in terms of depth.

I truly feel we are 1-2 recruiting classes away from matching A&M’s talent and depth as long as we get continued improvement in O-line & D-line recruiting.


The Razorbacks are at a size disadvantage at just about every position on both lines of scrimmage if you take a look at our depth chart compared to the teams atop the SEC.
We have just one O-lineman listed above 300lbs, one listed at 296lbs and Two are in the 280’s and one below 280.
Our offensive line will be in a weight deficit to many of the defensive lines it will face for the remainder of this season which is not a good position to face going into any game.
Hopefully, the staff will address this undersize issue in recruiting and in the off season with our current underclassmen through nutrition and weight training.

Go Hogs!

I suspect the “undersize” issue is only part of the story. Look at Air Force, their athletes are truly undersized versus nearly every team they play – but, as an example, they manhandled SJS (who beat the snot out of our Hogs).

We lack experience, synergy, and as seen last year (some heart) and head issues.

In sum, I think it’s too easy to blame the level of talent. The team needs leaders and they need to play and coach all out.

A&M’s offensive line is big, but has not been a strength. Their fans rip on their O-line about the way our fans rip on ours. But it should be noted that it was a better performance by the UA defensive line in this game.

I thought one of the big plays in the game was a third-and-9 from the A&M 28 after Arkansas made it 28-27. Mond scrambled for about 17, making Scoota miss in the open field when Scoota was the spy. Get a stop there and you might get decent field position and have plenty of time to work the ball into field goal range. The coverage was good on that play, the reason Mond took off. Gotta make that play. Not to single out one guy, because there were a series of other plays in the last six minutes that were all just as critical. But, if you get off the field on third-and-9, you give your offense a better chance when all it needs is a field goal.

Kentucky’s offensive line has been up and down. The way the Hogs can stack up against that offensive line will be a big part of the game in Lexington in two weeks.

How about discussig how our offensive line stacks up against Kentucky’s defensive line. If our guys can give our QBs more time and Boyd more holes, this offense can score a lot of points. JMVVVHO

Kentucky has two massive nose tackles. Well in excess of 350 pounds. I don’t think the UK defensive line is nearly as good as last year, but it’s a physical bunch.

I thought CCM wanted the OL more mobile so not as big as we are used to with CBB and even other programs?

I may have heard wrong or read wrong