Didnt show up...again

This game to me was going to define whether we had an acceptable or disappointing season. Good went out the door with the Liberty loss. Some games we just didnt show up to play. I accept losing to better teams with more talent. Its the mind numbing games we just dont get off the bus for that have turned this into a frustrating year. It seems like we just dont care about this particular series. This year was a step back with the line being the biggest disappointment. .

Love the hogs everyday, even the tough ones. GHG.

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Had out chance on the 2 yard line. Can’t believe we didn’t score. That was the ballgame.

Becoming a pattern.

Gee, let’s give Sam another extension and raise!!!

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We put our TE in to run qb sneak.

Not one of the best running qb’s in the SEC and surely not the best RB in the SEC…we let Knox have the ball under center.

Dumbest call of the year.

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Agree. Had to get a TD.

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Totally agree. Why did we not give it to Rocket a couple of times near goal line? I’m hoping CSP finds another OC this off-season.


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