Didn't realize Lou Piniella was asst softball coach for MSU

MSU softball hits a 2-run HR to cut lead Hogs’ lead to 4-2, but the runner at 1st was called for leaving 1st early. So that is a dead ball. The runner is out and the batter has to go back and hit again. 1st base umpire quickly signals the violation.

MSU assistant coach went nuts. He bumps the 1st base umpire and then throws the 1st base bag into right field, a.k.a., Lou Piniella. The Home plate umpire has to walk him off the field. Looks like a suspension is due.

The girl that hits HR comes back and K’s. Hogs take advantage and put 4 runs on the board with 2 outs in the top of 4th. Now lead 8-0.

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He made it over to the Mississippi State baseball game.

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Girls run-ruled them 11-0. Won the series, will move into third place in the SEC if the Rebnecks hold on to a 4-1 lead at Auburn.

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My favorite part of the whole thing is when he is leaving the stadium, still in full rage, and remembers at the last minute to go back to the dugout and grab his briefcase.

I’ve never seen a coach kicked out of a game that leaves the field with his briefcase.

Tough day at the office!

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A rash act for an assistant coach. It will be interesting to see if he shows up for the game on Sunday or if he gets a start on his upcoming suspension.

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