Didn't close well

Zone defense has kicked our tail now we’re down by 10… we had plenty of chances nobody to blame but ourselves

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Thought we had em

They really responded to getting their coach tossed

More like we didn’t respond.

Can’t go ice cold shooting and expect to win
Free throw shooting is inexcusable

We can’t hit a shot to save our lives.
Are we going to let another great opportunity on the big stage get the best of us once again?
If something doesn’t change quickly this one will be another double digit win by Kentucky.

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We must have missed seven or eight layups… that’s how you lose games

Really needed a time out at the 5 minute mark to adjust to their zone defense. This is one time where Muss’ strategy of letting them play on backfired! Also agree, our guys basically checked out after coach Cal was ejected.

We are not working hard enough to get open !! Very disappointed with our effort the last 5 minutes, we are better than this. We’re not starting a bunch of freshmen, losing is one thing but not like this. WPS

KY zone is killing us, can not hit a 3!
They are hitting their FT this half and on a 10-0 run against us.
We can not drive the lane but THAT is what we have to do if can’t hit our 3s but then have to hit our FT.
Nothing good happening for us after KY Head Coach kicked out of game when we did good for 1 minute. I feel a loss… Can not hit point blank shots now and no points in 5 minutes!!
I am thru watching game now. Mason fouls out of game and KY is ahead by 10.Kudos for KY playing in foul trouble and their HC Calapari out of game.
A TOUGH loss for us. Why… we can not do anything right now even with an advantage player wise. Nobody can hit a shot or free throw…
I am SO saddened by the way this went after we went ahead 44-42. This half ONE made of nine 3 point attempts. Another 3 missed, 3 minutes to play and still down 10… BAD BAD effort last 10 minutes. :frowning:

Well I was Hoping we would win this game but I never really thought we would.David vs Goliath they are the 33rd tallest team we are at 286th. Just too much length for us to shoot over,we had our chances though you cannot fault our effort but you can’t miss layups and free throws and expect to win I don’t care how many people we got in the stands

We had our chances but didn’t play well down the stretch.

Sorry, but we aren’t a top 25 team yet.

Calipari will see a totally different team start to come in here next year and we will have a lot better chance at beating them.we will match up with them a lot better than we did today.it would have taken an absolute miraculous effort for us to pull this off. Very proud of the kids effort they gave us their all just not enough bullets in the gun to win this shootout

Having to listen to radio broadcast online. Zimmerman is the most optimistic color man ever. Love the guy.

Played scared! Not enough talent in the middle. The performance from the free throw line and the rebounding effort was pitiful! St Louis lost a game yesterday to Dayton and it was free throws in that game as well.
Move on to the next game and forget it!

Hopefully, Muss will realize what type of team he is going to have to recruit and sign to be able to win this game in the future. We are playing hard this year with such an undersized group and very little depth and that will have to change in the future. I’m not sure how the rest of this season will go, but the team plays hard most days and we will probably get to plus 20 victories, how many above 20 I just don’t know.

Agree with analysis. Also, their guard play basically took Jones and Joe out of a good portion of the game. Their man to man defense was suffocating, especially in the first half and caused several poor shot selections and ball handling decisions.

Not surprised by their defense they are a great man 2 Man team and they have the length that makes it very difficult to shoot over I knew that was going to be a problem but still we had our chances! Surprising the zone is what beat us though at the end

This is nothing more than a heavy dose of reality

I will never doubt our guys effort
But there are just some talent (Size) deficiencies we will not be able to overcome any way except recruiting

We are completely outsized and Muss is getting the most out of this team. Make some of those missed FT and who knows.

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