Didn't close well

Left a lot of points on the court while giving KY some bonus points

Yeah you can’t miss layups and brick free throws and expect to beat a team like Kentucky.
First 5 minutes of the second half is going to be crucial we either stay in the game or get blown out. Whitt has done nothing.

Doing a lot of bad things we haven’t before

Missed free throws
Jimmy can’t find a bucket

Actually our defense inside has been decent and we really cannot blame the refs.
We had only been called for four fouls until the last minute

We’ve really dug ourselves a hole now

I really worried about Kentucky’s talent beating us, never thought we would give them so much help. Hopefully we see a less generous group of Hogs in the second half.

Completely agree. Really disappointing first half. First really big test of the year and we are killing ourselves. Hope the second half is a lot better, and Whitt decides to show up.

Where are our “Jimmies and Joes”?

Hogs will have to get hot from the three point line early in the second half if they are going to get back in this game. Can’t continue to miss our free throws and expect to beat UK.
We have been a really good second half team this season and maybe that will continue today, we will need it if we have a chance to pull this one out.

Go Hogs!

Joe got three early threes but he can’t get his own shot and has to rely on space to get the three off and they aren’t giving it to him

No excuses but he’s being held on almost every cut he makes.

They have a big guarding Whitt and he’s pulling up. I think he needs to drive all the way to the rim. Dish or get fouled.

If Miss has the right adjustments we should be good.

As said on another topic area, I have bad feelings. We have energy but ending up with bad shots and free throws and poor blocking out on their one big guy. Thought we would lose by 6 but at this point something major has got to go on in the locker room at half time… Losing by NINE at this point.

Just too many bad stats in 4-5 major categories first half. Out rebounded like 30-9 and Offensive boards they outdid us by 10-1. POOR rebounding is going to cost us ballgames this year, especially when we miss point blank shots and 3 pointers… Bad feeling at this point. Energy not directed in the right directions. First 5 minutes of 2nd half will tell the story. We MUST close game to within 2-3 points NOW!!!

We have held maxie to 0 points I doubt that continues, we will have to play the half of our lives to pull this one out. They are getting a whole lot easier shots than we are

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Announcers saying we are out of sync and not hitting easy shots near the basket.
Poor shooting for sure.
Poor decisions on who to pass ball to and then a missed shot.
I think the game is LOST now at the 15 minute mark. Just too many things NOT corrected at halftime.
And our main shooters are horrible again today, leaving it to others to hit shots and they are NOT doing it.
Can’t take this much more, energy not leading to shots made and too many missed FTs too.
This type play on national TV hurts our support from rankers. The TV announcers and OUR OWN guys are saying too much out of sync at this time with 15 minutes to go. Present score with another missed shot by us and Mason missing one of the FT…

Jones has missed three of his five free throws…smh

We are essentially losing the game at the line

By not making ours

Getting plenty of chances

We have put more pressure on ourselves than Ky has put on us, playing tight and forcing things. WPS

KY players all in foul trouble!! We MUST hit our free throws this half. Now closing in so so slowly. With them in foul trouble, we should be closing the gap but nope… NOT GOOD. Can not compensate in any way. Bye for now.

The worst call I’ve ever seen in my entire life Jones never even touched that guy!!!

Bailey is killing us…

Ft are going to decide this game we have to make them!!!

The Hogs must have thought the game was over when Calipari got thrown out.
This is pathetic!