Didn’t Justin Smith have another year?

I know kid wanted to try pros and all but remember thinking at the time wondering if we would make the attempt to keep him one more year - I think he had a covid year?

Water under the bridge, but of all the dice rolling of transfers, we hit jackpot with that one.

Having a go to inside threat would be huge for half court sets this year much less his D. Just loved that kid.

Hopeful Muss can get this personnel aggressive in half court sets and D like last year.

He could have played another year. Muss encouraged him and Tate to go pro.

Muss did the right thing for Tate and smith and for the guys left behind.

We do have a chance to keep Toney for another year. I hope we do.

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Muss didn’t encourage Justin to go. Neither Justin or Jalen we’re interested in returning.

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Muss said he told them both to go. You saying he lied?

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Gentlemen, gentlemen, why can’t both be correct?

Justin & Jalen informed Muss they were strongly considering pursuing professional opportunities.

Muss’ response was “Thank you for your contrubutions to our program; I encourage you both to go pursue those opportunities.”

Does anyone really believe that if Smith and Tate said they wanted to come back Muss would have said no?

They wanted to go make some money and Muss said he would help them anyway he could. They both played NBA summer league.

I didn’t know Muss ever said that. I do know that neither player had any interest in returning.

Muss’ interviews with HogsPlus revealed that he encouraged them to move on…in a show of support.

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