Did you see a 10 SEC Wins Team last night?

That game was not as close as the score. Moses is nowhere close to being POY in this conference (obviously, a freshman from LePanto/Bentonville will win). Dusty Hannah’s senior year will be a downer b/c of too many “feed me” add-on players and a stand around the perimeter until the shot clock winds down half court system. Not enough movement on offense with real purpose. Florida will be one of many SEC teams getting a lot of good looks at 3s b/c we don’t bother with defending that much less 2 big guys running a high-low post game. We’re not capable of full court pressing most SEC teams with better guards or as good as Hill. So, we’ve got 9 SEC games left on the road-- including the next 2-- and only 8 left at home. Do any of you see 2 or 3 road wins plus winning all 8 remaining home games? Again, not even close. No dance card…again. Pre-conference hype was great !

I think you’re basing too much off of one game. Let’s not forget we are 11-2. This time last year we were 6-7 and we got 9 conference wins with a much less talented team. I think we’ll get 11 or 12 conference wins this year. I don’t see us losing another home team, we don’t play anyone at home nearly as good as Florida. Then we still have winnable road games against mediocre teams in Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Auburn, and LSU. I think we’ll going 8-1 at home in conference and win 3 or 4 on the road.

Did not see an eight win SEC team against Florida.

Or Minnesota.

Hoping SEC continues to be down.

And hoping we are some D like was our DNA as Univeriaty from like '76 to 2000.

We seemed afraid and fearful in our play against Florida.

So hope to be misreading as the amateur reviewer I am.

Arkansas belongs in NCAA tourney and bar of acceptance has to be at least making tourney or this is not the program of majority of my life.

Come on hogs. Just win and make tourney guys!!!

I’m confused, were you guys predicting them to be undefeated at this point? Clearly you guys watch enough college basketball to know, some nights teams are just not on. Every single website that does bracket projections has us in the field and think we are a tournament team. Not sure how 1 loss changes us from being a tournament team to a team that won’t win 8 games in conference.


really…MA needs a bench coach in a bad way. He also should let that coach run practice. MA has Lee Mayberry and scotty thurman on the bench, surely one of them can help Mike out.

We played two good games prior to conference. Lost one, won one.


really…MA needs a bench coach in a bad way. He also should let that coach run practice. MA has Lee Mayberry and scotty thurman on the bench, surely one of them can help Mike out.

We played two good games prior to conference. Lost one, won one.

Florida appears to be a very good team. I picked them to finish second in the SEC and they are maybe better than I thought (not better than UK, but a better team in general).

I think it’s important to have that context. Was it a good performance by Arkansas? No. A lot of the team’s issues (offensive stagnation, poor pick-and-roll defense) popped up. But Florida is better than basically every other team they’ll face, which is why I’d be surprised if they don’t reach double-digit wins. It would be a major disappointment.

Now, the loss does put the possibility of an 0-3 start very much on the table. Would be a major upset if they won at Kentucky. Tennessee has been better than expected and it’s on the road. If they can’t win Tuesday, they’re looking at needing to win at least 10 of their final 15, probably 11, to be in the NCAA Tournament conversation. The margin for error becomes a lot smaller.

Here’s the rest of the schedule and how I’d predict they go at this point, including tossups…

at Tennessee — L
at Kentucky — L
Mississippi State — W
Missouri — W
at Texas A&M — L
at Vanderbilt — Tossup
at Oklahoma State — L
Alabama — W
at Missouri — W
Vanderbilt — W
at LSU — W
at South Carolina — L
Ole Miss — W
Texas A&M — W
at Auburn — Tossup
at Florida — L
Georgia — W

That’s 10 wins, all SEC. Maybe 11-12 if they win a few more on the road.

Couple of suggestions for another approach:

  1. Stop Yelling.
  2. More facts. Less Childish Hyperbole and made up things.

Those are just suggestions.

It was a disappointing loss. Needed to win what was considered a toss up game and didn’t. It’s still a good team that will have a good season. Many of you will enjoy basically none of it.

Look. There’s Jimmy being all professional and objective, again.

It’s an oversimplification, but, basically, you should expect Arkansas to win most of their home games. You can also expect they will lose SEC road games at UK, Fla, TAMU, and USce.

It’s dangerous, but you should be able to chalk up a road win at Mizzou.

So, just how well this team does depends on its ability to win 2-3 out of a group of winnable (i.e. not games that they “should” win but games they “could” win) games at Tenn, Vandy, Ok St, LSU and AU. Win 2 of those and at Mizzou and they’re probably in the 23-25 win, clear NCAA team range that I’ve predicted throughout.

I expect they will start 0-3 and the wolves will be out and that will make things more difficult.

But, I still think it’s a good team and if they don’t end up with 22 + wins and a Ncaat berth it will be a very disappointing season.

I’ve said 20-24 wins (personally I think 22), but we only have to win 8 SEC games to get there (still have one OOC game left). I do agree that I think we will win 10-12 SEC games. Put us at 21-23 wins. I know y’all disagree but I think that’ll put us on the bubble. I also think starting 0-3 in SEC play will get some of those gurus (like Palm and Lunardi) to put us back outside looking in when the first projection comes out after KY.

If you think 23 wins will have us on the bubble, yes I disagree. Just about the only P5 team that had ever been excluded with that many wins (in the modern era) was Usce and their SOS was much weaker than ours is and likely will be at the end of the year.

Now, I understand where our disagreement comes from. Bubble teams get in the tourney. Others are left out. 18 win NC St got in as a bubble team, the same year a 23 win SMU and a 21 win AR went to the NIT. The 19 win Vandy team that got in was a bubble team, the 23 win USCe didn’t and was also a bubble team. When I say bubble, it doesn’t necessarily mean not in. Now, I agree 23 gets you in, I’ve said that for several years, but every time I say that someone says, no it depends on RPI. (For those that wasn’t on the old HI board, I believe the committee looks at overall record (18-23 wins is bubble if you’re a P5), Road/Neutral site record, conference record, and then if you’re a bubble team things like RPI, SOS, Opponents SOS, Conference SOS, etc…

I’ve never heard anyone on the committee say that. There is not a “set numbers of wins/losses” to be considered on the bubble.

Last year Notre Dame was a 6 seed with a 21-11 record, California was a 4 seed at 23-10 record, and Wisconsin was a 7 seed with a 20-12 record. And that’s just one part of the bracket, I just glanced at, I’m sure there was many more teams in low 20s in wins that were firmly in the field.

Our last NCAAT team got blown out by an Ole Miss team in BWA in early January that wasn’t as good as this UF team. What the UF game means is that we are 0-1 and need to improve. You haven’t seen many rodeos if you think that you can project a whole lot from the first SEC game, win or lose.

And what I’m saying is you have a very expansive definition of a bubble team considering only one P5 team in modern Ncaat history has been left out with 23 wins.