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With about 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Tennessee was about to punt and we called a time out. There was a sidelines shot and Coach Sam Carter seemed very animated and it appeared to be directed at Grant Morgan. Coach Pittman walked over, put his hand up in front of Carter and it looked like he told Carter to cool down. Just another reason the players love Pittman.

Then after the game, a number of the Tennessee linemen took the time to talk to Pittman. It just shows the kind of relationships he makes in recruiting.

At that point in the game it was similar to the fake punt in a game a few weeks ago! It appeared to me our hogs went to punt save with most of the defense on the field.

it didn’t show on tv, but

we had most of our defense in then, anticipating a fake punt. Burkes was back to receive a punt, and Morgan was adamantly waving him to the sideline, I assumed due to 12 men on the field. Treylon moved towards the sideline, then stayed on the field, then Morgan REALLY admamantly waved him off the field, followed rapidly by our timeout and Carter appeared to be screaming at Morgan.

i have no idea how many men were on the field, or who was supposed to be on the field, but clearly treylon and Morgan had different ideas, and clearly Coach Carter had a strong opinion that he was sharing with Morgan.

we just chuckled in the stands, we had been yelling “watch the fake!” for a while. and by then, the game was just fun. and the weather was great. Man, I love fayetteville!

I think that’s just the kind of stuff you get with a new staff and no spring break. certainly a big improvement from the Ole Mrs game and that fake punt.

“A lesson learned cheaply”, as they say


Morgan and Pool were both counting furiously while the rest of the defense stood there in punt safe. After the time out we were still a little screwed up and Fourcha had to trot off the field to get us down to 11.

I imagine like most teams we have two versions of punt safe with some variants, one with a returner replacing a safety and one with no returner where the whole defense stays out there. The players were having trouble deciding which one we were running.

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