Did you guys watch IU's players post-game presser?

NUmber 4, the hyphenated and very talented frosh center, referred to our players by number, didn’t know anyone’s name.

It may be no big deal at all, but it implies that he hasn’t scouted us all that well. In contrast to the EXTENSIVE scouting that we do for our opponents.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, or maybe just a small reflection of just how much we out-coached IU .


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If he knows that you don’t let #15 or #1 shoot uncontested treys, #3 is a lefty who will drive, #2 blocks shots and #33 has a mean mid-range jumper, he really doesn’t need to attach names. It might reflect a lack of scouting, or it might not.

Scouting reports that I have seen always referred to a player number rather than the name. So, Trace referring to Joe and Jones by numbers does not mean Sean Miller did a poor job of scouting. I have heard coaches yell out what number to guard when a player checks into the game. I have watched some games with ex-players and they always called most players by their number.

On the other hand, it is amusing to me that he did not know the names of our two best players. Or just refused to name them. Either way, not a good reflection either on his general knowledge or attitude.

Sean Miller is busy buying players in Tucson. His brother Archie (which is actually a nickname because his personality reminded people of Archie Bunker) is the Indiana coach.

Yep. I can’t tell them apart. :grinning:

I would almost be certain the young man will know their names now!
I could care less about the Hooiser’s scouting report or how they are coached!

My high school coach gave us great detail in our scouting report. It was just numbers. We never saw the names. He wanted us to know numbers and only numbers. After we played a team twice, I knew their names. But not the first time. And never in non conf when we usually played just once.

Numbers is a better way to scout since their name isn’t on the front of their jersey. I wouldn’t expect is to know their names either.

I think @numberhawg should weigh in.


One thing the IU players did do in the press conference was admit the change in our defensive strategy affected them in the 2nd half. Their coach’s comments did not acknowledge that at all.

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Coach Miller showed about as much class as his brother in Arizona. I’m still just walking on air that we won that game, in that building, over that coach. Love it!


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I thought they were coached by Archie Bell and the Drells? Dude kept yelling for his team to tighten up their Defense.

I have played basketball with guys for 40 years and don’t know their last names. And my next birthday I will be 70, so sometimes I forget their first names. We don’t wear jerseys with numbers, but if we did, that would be more than enough information to identify them.

:laughing: :laughing:

You know that you and I just dated ourselves. I remember Archie Bell and the Drells.

I’m kind of in awe of the announcers who can keep 10 players at a time straight. (How do racetrack announcers do it?) Expecting players to memorize opponents’ names is a little too much, I think.

I don’t know if this is what is done at Indiana, but there are still coaches who scout based on the jersey number and not the name.

I’ve been in a basketball press conference before when a question was posed to the opposing coach about a particular player from Arkansas’ team. The coach responded, “What number was he?”

Buzz Williams did the same thing on the SEC teleconference this morning. To him, Arkansas’ guys were 1, 33 and 15. He didn’t mention anyone by name.

Heck, Danny Ford didn’t know the names of his own players. On his TV show, he’d say, “Good block there by No. 66.” Funny stuff.

Danny didn’t know Madre’s number! “that’s a good run by number 5, we’ve got to get him the ball more”.

He also didn’t know when we scored a touchdown that one time, lol


Having seen many a scouting report in my day, numbers are the most mentioned.

It translates to the kids better.