Did you expect to have more fun this season?

La Tech - not enjoyable - “whew, we didn’t lose”
TCU - loads of fun
Texas State - laugher
Texas A&M - depressing, got to experience a disappointing squeaker and a blowout all in one night
Alcorn State - throwaway fun
Alabama - like losing your boots in red clay mud - spent most of the time sitting there wondering what to do
Ole Miss - a relief and a pleasure
Auburn - hot sauce eyedrops
Florida - felt like Texas 1981, given the previous game
LSU - like being slugged right after the girl had kissed you (the week before)
Mississippi State - a little frustrating, then a wonderful ride, kinda like my high school girlfriend
Missouri - hope we finish with a bang + not the Jason Pierre-Paul kind

There’s this sense that the Razorbacks might have lost their confidence a few times this season. Auburn and LSU in particular were not even close to average performances. Nobody wants to watch that.

My best guess is that offensive line issues and defensive issues caused some real turmoil inside this football team at times, and perhaps that explains why the on-field performances were bipolar. But we are not talking about a roster full of superstars that underperformed. More like a team that expected to win, realized it wasn’t good enough in some ways, and had to deal with lower expectations.

Place this season in context - how many times has an Arkansas football team played five opponents as athletically talented as Alabama, Texas A&M, Auburn, LSU and Florida? Rarely. This was a difficult schedule, and the Hogs learned much about their strengths and weaknesses.

Next season’s home schedule includes TCU, New Mexico State, Auburn, Coastal Carolina, Mississippi State and Missouri. Four good games and two laughers. It might work out well. We’re working the motorcycle wreck out of our system, slowly but surely.

Good piece overall. Just wonder about the matter in the bold sentence; when do we finally get to drop this crutch and own what we have? Whether it all warts or the finest coat of flight feathers in the land.

I had not thought about the motorcycle wreck in a long time. It might hit me when I watch Louisville, like last Thursday against Houston. Now that was a train wreck of a game for UL.

I thought it was an excellent post including the motorcycle reference. I don’t see that as a crutch. I see it as a very real influence on our program for the past 5 years. We’re only now getting to the point where its influence should be completely overcome by other matters, but that wreck both caused and exposed major problems to our program. The OP pointed out, I think correctly, that we’re now working our way past it, but it’s taking time. One can argue that we’re completely past it now, but only just past it. One could also argue we’re still a year away from it having no more impact.

One thing that surprised me about BP in that game, was how he seemed in control of his emotions throughout almost all the game. I don’t think I would have been in that much control when the team was playing so poorly with so much on the line. I assume the Telecast would have caught his emotional outbursts, as they always have in his past. I didn’t see him tear into any of his players (or assistants) in what was perhaps the most monumental loss in his career. He was probably a shoe-in for the play-offs with a win.

Maybe he has really made a concerted effort to be better and more understanding of others around him, even in the most trying of times. If that’s the case, then good for him.

I thought Bo mentioned that you dressed up like a motorcycle wreck’d Bob Petrino for Halloween.

I know I’m different than a lot of people on here in that I don’t get semi-suicidal when we lose. But I have enjoyed the season. There have been highs and lows in every one of our seasons since 1964. Granted, some of the lows were really, really low, but I have 56 years of experience in dealing with them.

LaTech – don’t look now, but that’s a good team. They’ve won their CUSA division again and have 8 wins. That was not a typical season opening pastry. The fact we were able to pull things together and win at the end was very encouraging.
TCU – First of many track meets. Disappointing that our defense didn’t play better, except for the Ellis pick-six, but again we did what we had to do to win. Really enjoyed that one.
Texas State – Pure pastry. No muss, no fuss
A&M – Fun for three quarters then we ran out of gas. You wonder how it would have turned out if we could punch it in from the 1 (or have RW3 throw a flip pass).
Alcorn – Nice easy win. Main thing I remember is that it was really weird to get home from a Razorback game before dark.
Alabama – Defensively disappointing, and turned it over way too much. But nobody else has come close to 473 offensive yards on Bama, and Auburn won’t either.
Ole Miss – Any win over the Akbars is a good win. This one was better than most, with the defense actually making a stop in crunch time.
Auburn – Yuck. Just yuck. Watched more World Series than football. If I’d been there, I would have left at halftime. Or before. But I didn’t get depressed about it.
Florida – Loved it. I thought we might win. I didn’t think we would dominate. We did.
LSU – Pretty much yuck. I missed Guice going for 96 because we’d already left.
Moo U – Nice. 661 yards. No sacks allowed. A 300 yard passer and 200 yard rusher in the same game for the first time ever. Looks like the offensive line may just be getting their act together.

And now we get to Mizzou. The main thing that concerns me is that since the 3-0 start, we can’t win 2 in a row. Now would be a very good time to change that. Crockett’s fondness for green leafy substances certainly helps, but we still have to slow down Lock and Witter.

OK, The Notorious PIG, if you laughed out loud, why did you report it as being offensive?

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost accidentally reported something offensive. It’s not hard to do. If you ever see me do that, it will probably be an accident as I am almost impossible to offend.

Sometimes, there is a long response to the post. I’m sure it is not meant as a report, but it just ends up in the report queue and no one but a mod ever sees it.

I just picked up my phone and it appears that was a butt dial/report from when I posted the comment about laughing out loud.

Thanks for the intended call out, though.

I didn’t find it offensive at all. If I did, I would post it or send the poster a message like I did a few days ago when I posted, openly, that I didn’t think a post about one of our safeties was appropriate.

The poster responded, publicly, with his reasoning and I no longer found the post objectionable based upon his response.

I’ve never reported a post as offensive on this site and I’m not sure I knew I could.

YES. Not so much from a W-L standpoint. I was upset somewhat (like Swine, I have seen many of these and don’t get that worked up anymore) with A&M. We left 21 points on the field (18 I guess as we did kick a FG) and could not score from the 1 with something like 11 tries. That is poor, poor. Then, their QB ran up the middle that was wide open, twice, and finally we quit in the 4th. Whatever chances for a great season went out the door that night.

Bama, was well Bama, but our defense was so outmanned that it showed how bad the D really was.

Auburn. As bad as I can ever remember an Arkansas team playing.

LSU. Sort of expected that.

MSU. An SEC road win so good, but with no defense at all. No way can that make you happy. Shows that we truly have as bad a defense as there is in the SEC, except perhaps MSU. Defense was not there for either.

A loss to MO will be really disappointing. They seem to be able to move the ball. Can our HS defense get any stops?

Summary: I can handle lossing games to the type teams we played, but to just get overran? That is tough. The game Sat. will say alot about how I finally feel, but overall, it was not fun. I do not want to see anymore games where our defensive players are just watching.