Did we try to get a quarterback transfer for this fall?

Does anybody know? You would think after Morris and the staff saw Storey and Kelley this spring they knew neither could run this offense. I would imagine they tried, but had no success. Dudley or Richard…you guys are our eyes and ears on this. Did they go after anybody you know of?

I’d like to hope they did. Can’t believe they really thought they could win with the players returning.

Call me crazy…but with Connor Noland on deck, and KJ Jefferson on the way, and I assume Chad’s highly rated son after that, I think we don’t need to run out and just take “somebody” as a transfer. If they are a stud…awesome. But I expect Connor to battle a senior Ty Storey next year…with KJ possibly fighting for that spot too. I didn’t even Jerry’s grandson…who might be the diamond in the rough of them all.

I personally expect Cole to transfer…though I sure was proud of his attitude today! I am sure he see’s the writing on the wall…and probably knows in his heart he is transferring already. But that sucker was ALL IN today when he was in the game and again on the sidelines. I am proud of that kid.

Not sure about if they did this past off season, but they should this off season.

Ty Storey is giving us great effort and showing great leadership, he’s just not got the arm or god given talent we need in the SEC.

We need to test the waters and try and find someone to win with, need a difference maker and than KJ will be ready.

I like Noland, but I expect him to move to baseball full time at some point, for some reason, hopefully I’m wrong.

We needed a quarterback for the fall of 2018. We really don’t have an SEC ready quarterback. I was asking about going after a graduate transfer or a JC transfer who could play this season. The coaches got here in December 2017. They had time to evaluate and try to get someone to come in, didn’t they? They knew Noland wasn’t coming until August 2018, so he would not be a valid option. KJ Jefferson, if he comes, may or may not be the guy in 2019. I expect Morris to go try to find a guy to come in and start the fall of 2019…someone who is a proven player. Isn’t this a valid question? We don’t want to be in the same shape next fall as we are now.

Does that proven player have experience at running Morris’ type of offense or will he spend his graduate year trying to learn the offense? Would that transfer QB have more quickness and a stronger arm that Connor Noland? Would he be someone else’s second string type guy? Where are you going to find a Baker Mayfield? Would Morris want someone he hasn’t personally shaped and molded?

That’s what I was referring to - I refuse to believe this staff thought TS ( arm talent ) and CK ( mobility) would give them a chance to have a winning season in 2018. Surely they tried to get a grad transfer.

Hard to know if a grad transfer QB could come in and immediately jump start this offense for 1 year. Unless it is the likes of Kelly Bryant who knows & played in this same offense or Jalen Hurts who is just a phenomenal athlete, but he is out of the picture now.
I guess there are others out there that played in a similar offense with the ability to adjust & run ours.