Did we throw our best?

In biggest game of year did we go with our best?

Matchup wise I think yes since ole miss generally doesn’t hit lefties well. However Morris was erratic and well Wiggins exploded.

Easy to say should’ve thrown mcentire with hindsight.

Ride or die going forward

Ramage should ever pitch, ever.


That DVH is just clueless.

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McEntire earned this start last weekend. We overthought it.

DVH is not a pitching guy, never has been, and apparently never will be. Coulda went out after dropped pop up of 18 and didn’t. He goes out for 1 reason, coulda already had 1
He started a guy with 1 start all year tonight with 2 freshman All Americans in the pen.
I know several guys that have played for him in Texarkana, at NW Louisiana and for Hogs. All say the same, he needs a great pitching coach, Hobbs is not the guy. Go hire Rob Childress now.
This was a winnable game we basically turned into a no contest.

Like I said, he’s clueless. You understand the game much better than he does.


Wiggins had so much potential. He just doesn’t have a clue. He’s a liability anymore. Why he was put in is beyond my understanding. He hasn’t pitched well in two months.

Careful don’t question or make reasonable observations.

Yep DVH is clueless. Glad we have you to figure out what should be done.


Guys on this board are such homers.
Nobody said they knew more than DVH, just questioned some of his choices on mound tonight.

Actually you questioned Hobbs ability to coach pitching. Which I find humorous. So you opened yourself up to rebuttal.


Exactly. He didn’t question a particular decision. He made an overall general claim that Hobbs and DVH don’t know what they’re doing with pitchers.


@neastarkie I also wear my homer hat with pride. But some things are clear to anyone homer or not. Good night. I’m out.

Hobbs is good otherwise Yankees wouldn’t have interviewed him.

Lefties better choice tonight

Coach can’t make a kid throw strikes.


DVH said in the postgame interview that the analytics versus Ole Miss pointed to using a southpaw. We only scored three runs anyway. Even if we had had a good night on the mound, we still might not have won.

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We scored 5 runs, but the last 2 were bottom of the 9th and kinda like a touchdown scored in the last minute to make a 42-14 game look a little better than 42-7

Coaches do not throw bad pitches, strike out, make errors or hit home runs steal bases or hit game winners. coaches coach and players play,

The highest seed in this tourney lost two in a row. They must have a terrible coach.

fans at times are silly.


I’m just trying to figure out how this was a reply to @Pavlovhog1. :face_with_monocle:

Inappropriate post by yours truly. Surprised I’m not banned.