Did we see

a player rebellion yesterday? (Ms State Game) They know when there 16 seniors walking and 29 recruits being brought in, this isn’t good thing for them. They know when players are be force out. I haven’t seen it on this board, but on other boards they are using players name who will be force to transfer.

My observation was pretty simple. Once the offense failed to score on the first possession it was over.
The incoming recruiting class will take up some spots held by current players but there have been several already announcer intentions to transfer. How many I’m not sure. So yes there are some that will have to go.
Is that the reason for the lack of effort I don’t think so. They just packed it in.

I think we are in for some big surprises as to who is going to transfer come seasons end,hope I’m wrong but things don’t feel right. Many of our players that we we’re so happy to get signed have never lived up to expectations and that has been the problem for a couple years. The wind of change is starting to gust mightily! WPS

We are going to stock some FCS teams with kids who think they can still make money in the NFL

rayzabacker II I think you nailed it!

How would feel if you had signed a legal docoment (NLI) promising a college paid education at the UofA and were told you had to move on?

I certainly wouldn’t like any part of it.

College football is a big business, not just a sport.

Moving on or being told to move on is just part of it.

You do the program, the players and the fans a disservice if you don’t try to root the problems out.

It’s not like we are the only program that does that. There just happens to be an elite QB out there right now that everybody wants. Nobody is immune from from being forced out or has total job security.
Signing that paper doesn’t mean you don’t have to work really hard to earn your keep.

The head-scratcher part of it: we aren’t playing for bowl eligibility. Why have the issues not been moved to the bench (if they start)? Winning is cosmetic at this point - more important is getting players “coached up” who believe in you, your staff, and your system.

The scary thought: the players playing ARE the players most likely to be seen as giving effort and wanting it … in practice.

He will do what he thinks he has to do to get this turned around…I can tell he’s had enough of this yr and can’t wait to start working on next yr.Coaching is a tough profession,Kids can make you look like you haven’t taught them a thing,especially when the team starts losing.


This is so painfully true, soooo true.

They all think they can play in the NFL in reality, maybe 5 can.

Dudley is correct. Every player is ONLY guaranteed one year. All schollies are renewable on an annual basis.

There a responsibility for the player to play and perform on the field. The attitude and poor work ethic has to go period. Where was the fight at Moo U? Clean house and move on.

It stinks but it is no different then a job you get after you graduate from college. You get the job and are not guaranteed anything if you don’t perform and getting laid off is no different then this. You perform and bust it and you get renewed. It is tough but unfortunately the way it is and I feel can teach these young men life lessons. As one poster said, nothing is guaranteed.

My guess is DD and RD would be the first to tell you if they started stinking at their jobs (which we know will never happen) their managers would find other folks who can perform at a much higher level.

Big changes will be coming but it is not surprising as one talking head on the SEC Network (can’t recall exactly who) said earlier in the year about us…we are trying to run a drag race with a Mack truck. We knew this day was coming. I have faith in CCM to make the right decisions that are best for the program. Some of us may not like it but we have to have faith in him at this time.

Both my sons are on very good academic scholarships but they both have GPA and other requirements so that if they do not perform in the classroom the scholarships will not be renewed. Not totally apples to apples…but similar.

Nothing wrong with accountability. My sons know it…and I am sure the players know it. And I think in this instance it is just as much about attitude as talent; coaches can be pretty gracious on the latter if the former demonstrates that they are a team player.

I seriously doubt CCM anticipated things would get this bad. Hopefully he learned some lessons. He needs to have the offense well greased when the season starts.