Did we recruit Lane Hatcher?

Needed him in Fayetteville

He was a PWO at Bama, then transferred to ASWho when a scholarship became available.

ASWho would beat the U NO WHAT out of the Hogs. They have good program.

Hopefully this is a moot point, as our team will never be as bad as it was under the past regime and we can put our focus on where it belongs, and that is certainly not Jonesboro.

Did not.

We are awful right now, so ASU might beat us with Chad Morris in charge, but even with a bowl win, an 8-5 record in the Sunbelt with losses to the likes of So Alabama do not equate to a good program.

How many winning season due they have in a row? When is the last time Uof A has had a winning season? ASU has won with multiple coaches. They have built a top notch program that they can be proud. SEC caliber, no. When was Uof A last SEC win? Good program?

ASU has a very good program given its resources, conference, etc.

Arkansas is the 2nd worst P5 program in the nation.

Arkansas State has been better than Arkansas more often than not since the motorcycle hit the ditch.

An embarrassment that needs to be rectified ASAP.

We don’t know that ASU has been better than UofA ever. All speculation from recent W-L records and coaching hires on UA’s part. Hasn’t ever been settled on the field and may never be.

The eyeball test tells me the teams I saw against San Jose State/WKU In 2019 , against North Texas in 2018, and beating the worst Sunbelt team by one point in 2017 were not as good as ASU. The Coastal Carolina team Arkansas struggled mightily to beat 39-38 was awful and was destroyed by ASU 51-14 with the game being over at half.

The various powerRatings also tell me that - Sagarain has Arkansas behind ASU in 2018 and 2019.

Given the VAST disparity in resources between the two universities for it to even be a point of debate/discussion even one year is mildly embarrassing, but to happen three years in a row is beyond embarrassing and highlights the utter incompetence of the people running the football program and the poor judgement of those who hired them to do it.

Hopefully the ending of this decade of misery for Razorback football also ends the incompetence and lack of leadership in football. I have my concerns about CSP, but I do think if nothing else we’ll see a disciplined team with an improving talent level.

I’d have to watch ASU first to tell you if they could or they couldn’t. I have not watched them. The channel might have settled on them for an instant during a surfing epedemic. But that’s the only way I’ve seen them. Not evern sure I could tell you what their uniforms look like. Just not something I think about.



The 50 or so Pink Puppy fans would be thrilled to know that we’re having his discussion. I’m with Clay, I don’t think about Jonesboro Tech, ever, unless someone brings them up.

Given how embarrassing the program has been the last few years, I don’t blame those that don’t want to face reality and admit ASU is a better team and has been for two and perhaps three years… To plead willful ignorance about ASU is the easier way out - I get it. It’s certainly easier than contemplating the hard questions about why the leadership of an athletic department with a budget of $130,000,000 is responsible for a worse football program than one with a budget of under $40,000,000

Hell , Clay’s alma mater UCA handled WKU on the road with their starting QB healthy. Ty was the backup.

Hogs likely the third best team in the state in 2019.


I can see I gave you too much credit during the coaching search. You’ve gone back to same old same old.


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What are you talking about Swine…I cite facts like power ratings and athletic department budgets and you throw out lame insults like Jonesboro Tech.

Substance over drivel.

As for same old same old… if you mean a moderator that likes to insult posters then yes you are back to same old same old.

Unlike some, I’m not intimidated by your short man syndrome BS.

Far from it😂


We’ve recruited worse QB’s than Hatcher recently. Probably more than one.

As for Layne Hatcher, the person this thread was supposed to be about before it got into personal stuff, Arkansas did not offer him.

Arkansas State, Eastern Illinois, Louisiana Tech, Murray State and Newberry were his offers. He was going to go to Arkansas State before Alabama lost some quarterbacks to transfer and offered him a PWO spot, which his family was able to afford.

He got one year of qreat quarterback coaching at Alabama and took over for Arkansas State starter Logan Bonner, when he suffered a season-ending injury.

He seems like a great kid, comes from a great high school program at Pulaski Academy and has done a great job with his opportunity this season.

But anybody who says that Arkansas should have offered him back then is practicing revisionist history.

Can you imagine how many threads there would have been on this message board about Arkansas beating out Newberry for him?

Now…I think Blake Anderson is a great man and a very good coach.

Arkansas State certainly has had more success lately and a more consistent program.

How that would have related to success on the field against Arkansas this past few years is tough for me to gauge.

Arkansas State played well against a down Nebraska team and Missouri before losing a few years ago, but has not competed well at all against SEC teams the last year with several blowout losses.

This season was a not a great one at least to their W-L standards, but with Wendy Anderson’s passing, the program is to be commended with what it did get accomplished this season.

I’m not saying that Arkansas State wouldn’t have beaten Arkansas the last two years, but I am not sure how one could say that with absolute certainty.

As for this little name-calling and so called lame insults that this post gathered along the way, y’all can take that to PMs.

Neither one of you are blameless especially looking back at posting history, just as I a not when I do something similar.

No need the rest of us to have to see it.

Merry Christmas to you both, but get the Grinch out of here with that.

ASU hasn’t beaten a Power 5 team in well over a decade. Definitely not apples to apples. We are down like we’ve never been before. ASU loses 4 or 5 times per year to non-Power 5 teams every year. While they could beat us because Morris proved we could lose to anyone, it is certainly not a certainty. ghg

Merry Christmas Dudley !

While it’s not a certainty Arkansas State would have beaten Arkansas the thrashings against WKU, North Texas, loss to 3-9 Colorado State, and loss to SJSU suggest losses would have been very likely. Especially so when also one considers what the numbers - the power rankings - say on the matter.

Again, given the disparity in resources, it should never even be a point for discussion.